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  1. 10_Oct_giants in the land 1

    I wonder how many dear folks out there are wandering around in a type of wilderness, and perhaps questioning what is life all about!  Surely there has to be more to life than just getting through each day! Do you feel like that you are going round and round in circles never actually getting anywhere?

    Perhaps one day in the past you heard of your need as a sinner before a holy God and trusted Him with your soul. Perhaps you know you're going to heaven one day because you have fully trusted in what Jesus accomplished on the cross in dying for you personally, as He did for all of us poor lost sinners. And if you trusted Him with your soul, you're on a heaven bound journey. But could it be that even though you trusted Him for eternal matters you are finding it difficult to trust Him with your life?

    This is more often than not the reason why we spend a while in a wilderness, because the 'there and then' matters are outside in the future and way beyond our control, but we like to feel that we can control matters that involve 'here and now'.

    The reason for this dilemma we all have in varying degrees depends on our relationship with the One who has paid so dearly to give us the promise of a home in heaven. The love of God has gone far beyond promising a home in heaven for people like us; for what He accomplished at Calvary also broke down the barrier that separates us from Him.

    When sin came into the world the sweet relationship that God had with Adam and Eve was severed, and down through the generations even to this day sin has separated us from Him and His companionship.

    "Your iniquities have separated between you and your God,
    and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear."
    Isaiah 59: 2

    But here's an amazing thought ...
    It is divinely possible to draw near to the living God in order to get to know Him ... personally!

    Perhaps this sounds a little presumptuous, but this is something that God Himself primarily desires for His people, and understanding this helps us to understand why He went to such great lengths to mend the broken relationship between us and Him. You see, He greatly values our fellowship with Him.

    In the Old Testament we read of the deliverance of God's people out of the hands and tyranny of the wicked king called Pharaoh. After a series of horrible plagues which troubled their captors to the point of driving them out of the land, they arrived at the edge of the wilderness through which they had been travelling. In front of them was the Red Sea, on either side of them were mountains and behind them was Egypt ... and Pharaoh's perusing army!

    God then delivered His people from wicked Pharaoh once for all in the most miraculous way, by parting the Red Sea in front of them so that every one of God's people, (two million of them in all!) could escape on dry land that night and make it safe to the other side. When the very last one was safe and sound, God then brought the mighty waters back over the perusing enemy doing away with every one of them, once for all, and forever.

    Now, there was about an eleven day journey to get to the land that God had promised to them. Unfortunately because of the complaining nature of the rescued company it took a whole lot longer! However, Canaan, the land God promised to them was a land overflowing with goodness at every turn, and it was a land of rest as opposed to the place from which they had been delivered. Now, all they had to do was focus on the promise of God and head in that direction.

     10_Oct_giants in the land 2

    When they finally made it to the borders of the land they sent in twelve 'spies' to survey it and bring back a report. After forty days and nights they returned and verified that Canaan  was indeed just as they had been promised. However, there was in this land all kinds of enemies that caused most of the spies to fear, and they discourage the waiting people from desiring to enter into the land God had promised them.

    Caleb and Joshua were the only two men among the twelve that were prepared to trust God and go in. "Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it." Numbers 13: 30. Such was his bold faith and intimate knowledge of his God. But those that went with them saw the situation through human eyes instead of through the eyes of faith in the One who had earlier parted the Red Sea to allow them all to escape Egyptian captivity.

    Their report caused the people to become discouraged especially when the spies exaggerated what they saw. This is when their report turned from discouragement into what the Bible tells us was an evil report: "The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature. And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." (:30.)

    O dear! Only two men who believed that God would give them victory in the land He promised, but an evil report caused the people to doubt and despair. God had so much for them all to enjoy but the Bible tells us that God said to them: "When your fathers tempted me ... I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known my ways. So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest." Hebrews 3: 9-11.

    And so whole generation missed out on the best God had to give them because of unbelief. Sure, they were saved from Egypt, but their lives were lost in the wilderness where they had to live out the rest of their lives. God would take into the land He promised them the next generation instead ... along with faithful Caleb and Joshua of course!

    Did you know that God has a type of Canaan rest for you and me also? Do you have a saved soul but a lost and wondering life? God has the most precious of things in store for you rather than living off of temporary sustenance until you reach heaven, He has the best for you to enjoy now!

    As it was in those days, so it is today, there are very few who are willing to trust God and go in to possess the land He has promised. Why is this? Because there are 'giants' in the land!  Well, actually, yes there is! No one ever promised that we would be able to avail ourselves of heaven's best while here on earth without having to overcome some obstacles.

    The things that God values and wants you to appreciate come with a cost.

    Perhaps the most challenging giant to overcome is the one called 'time'. The only way we can truly appreciate the Christian life is to get to know the One who has made this all available to us, and it takes time to get to know someone intimately. But who would have begrudged the time it took getting to know someone you fell in love with?

    But how much time does it take? How much are you prepared to give? Why not try with five or ten minutes each day to be alone with God? Soon, before you know it, you'll be adding on an extra five or ten minutes more! Then perhaps you'll be setting your alarm clock a little earlier each day to get half an hour or more time alone with the One who loves your soul. Before you know it your heart will be longing for Him, and you'll look at the clock and wonder where an hour just went ... and so on. Do you see what I mean?

    But this is what God desires for His people. An intimate knowledge of Him, simply because this is a thing most precious not only to the child of God but to God Himself! And an intimate knowledge of Him gives to us an insight into life others cannot see. When all that others can see is giants in the land you will know the Lord enough to understand that giants can be overcome, whatever those giants may be. For some, those giants may be the craving for more money, or recognition. To others doubts and fears may be the giants they need to overcome. You can fill in the blank with whatever you know is stopping you from enjoying the best Christian life God intended you to have, and you will find that knowing Him intimately will overcome every giant.

    10_Oct_giants in the land 3

    Don't let anyone cause you to feel that this is beyond reach or better left until another time. None of that 'easy does it now', or 'let's not rush but take things slowly' mentality is a valid reason for delay. Please allow me to quote from the Bible as I did earlier but this time I have gone back a verse or two so you can see that God does not agree with 'taking it easy' but desires your interest and attention ... today!

    "Wherefore (as the Holy Ghost saith, Today if ye will hear his voice,
    Harden not your hearts, as in the provocation, in the day of temptation in the wilderness:
    When your fathers tempted me, proved me, and saw my works forty years.
    Wherefore I was grieved with that generation, and said,
    They do alway err in their heart; and they have not known my ways.
    So I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest.)"
    Hebrews 3: 7-11.


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  2. 09_Sep_Missing Specs

    It was just an ordinary day like so many others, or so I thought ...

    I love walking and like to do a little bit each day to keep as active as possible.  Because most of the things that occupy my personal time are creative, and it's not really possible to be active and creative at the same time, so walking gets me moving and gets the fresh air into my lungs.  Anyway, a few days ago, like I do quite often, I arranged to walk to my husband's place of employment, collect our car and drive to my work about twenty minutes away. Afterwards I planned to do my grocery shopping, deliver it home before bringing the car back to Paul's work and walking back home again.

    However, when I arrived to collect the car I was greeted by Paul who wasn't wearing his glasses!  He and a couple of his colleagues were busy lopping lower branches from the trees surrounding the premises where he works, and in the midst of all the activity his glasses got caught by a thin branch and flicked off somewhere out of sight!

    They searched and searched but couldn't find them anywhere.  Oh dear!  Fortunately he had a spare pair which would suffice as emergency specs for the time being.

    On my way to work I whispered a little prayer that they would be found soon, and then I got on with my plans for the next few hours.  It wasn't that I was casual about this but I was sure that the Lord would attend to this matter.  I later returned the car and walked back home. Upon Paul's return home the glasses were still missing!  Oh, how disappointing!

    Then I had a bright idea - I suggested going back to his work after our dinner for another search.  He wasn't all that enthusiastic because he was very tired after a long physical days work in the baking hot sun.  And besides, they had searched all day while working all to no avail!  But I wasn't convinced that the glasses would never be found.

    They were out there in the debris ... somewhere!

    So I started praying about the matter with more fervour now because this was turning into an issue that was more than just about finding missing glasses.

    After dinner was finished and dishes were cleaned we headed off back to try again.  When I got there and saw what we would have to be searching through, my heart sank!  There was so much debris in the form of tree limbs, leaves, ivy, trash, and dusty ground, it would be literally be like looking for a needle in a haystack!  "This is impossible", I began to think, but then I remembered that I had prayed about this and I was confident that the Lord would enable the glasses to be found.

    Unfortunately Paul wasn't at all optimistic about finding them. I can't blame him because he was tired and we were covering ground that had already been searched through earlier.  But I was asking the Lord to come through with this because although the glasses were important, something else about this was more important! I know that the Lord values our trust in Him, so what would be the good of asking Him to aid our search so that the lost item would be found only to go home empty handed?

    But after the sun set and twilight came in fast, we had to concede, and leave the premises without the glasses we searched for.  I was quietly disappointed! I couldn't understand why this happened!  I was praying in my heart asking the Lord what was the purpose of this incident?  Why did we have to go home disappointed after I was confident that He would help us find the missing specs?

    Tomorrow a team of men would be coming to take all debris away for burning.  They would be quick and heavy handed, and possibly throw them out without noticing!  And then I thought ... "There's tomorrow!"  And I began to feel a bit more confident once again.  Perhaps it wasn't too late after all!

    I must add at this point that my life's circumstances have allowed me the privilege of having and making time to spend in the presence of the Lord for the most part of this year.  I have learned many precious things about His sweet character, and learned how to pray prayers I know God will answer.  So to have been disappointed in this way didn't make any sense to me, because as I mentioned earlier, this was more than about finding lost glasses.  This was about a meaningful relationship with Him, and demonstrating enough confidence in Him to encourage others to trust Him as well.

    This was all about protecting His character and maintaining His integrity.
    And ... I had prayed about this!!!

    So, as the next day dawned I asked the Lord again about this matter, said 'good bye' to Paul as he headed off to work.  I glanced at the clock and made a mental note of the time and things I had to do before walking up to collect the car as I did the day before.

    It seemed that in no time at all it was time once again for me to leave.  The weather was good.  I met some nice smiling people walking in the opposite direction to me and had some sweet moments in prayer while walking.  While I entered the last little road before going down the back lane to where I would find the car, I wondered if the men might have found what we had been unsuccessfully been looking for, and prayed about this - just one last time.

    As I rounded the corner and headed to the car Paul came walking towards me ... wearing the said glasses!  The men who were clearing away the debris had been informed and were on the lookout and found them about half an hour in to their work.  AND they were found completely undamaged and unmarked!  I was so very grateful and my heart was touched very deeply, I couldn't help but shed a tear or two ... because I had prayed about this.  And His answer to prayer verified to me that the outcome of this was important to Him as well, which made His answer to my prayers about this issue all the more precious.

    So why have I gone to great lengths to tell you about this?

    It is because those of us who know our beloved Lord Jesus as our Lord and Saviour are precious to God.  He cares about the intricate details of our lives, and it is so easy to forget about this our daily living.  But the Bible tells us that He who knows and cares about every little sparrow, knows the number of hairs on our head:

    "Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before God?
    But even the very hairs of your head are all numbered.
    Fear not therefore: ye are of more value than many sparrows."
    Luke 12: 6-7.

    'He knows about all our wanderings: and puts all our tears into His bottle'
    (See Psalm 56: 8.)

    So it stands to reason that He who knows and cares about what we would consider mundane or random things cares about - missing glasses, lost car keys, sick children, job interviews, and every or any other possible thing you can think of that is important to you.

    He cares about these things because He cares about what you think about Him.  He wants you to know that He can be trusted not just for the big stuff like our eternal destiny but for the everyday things that are part of our everyday lives.  What He accomplished on the cross when He came for the purpose of atoning for our sin was also to mend the relationship between us and God that our sin severed.

    A relationship with Him is what He values so highly,
    and this is something His people are meant to deeply appreciate 'here and now' as well as 'there and then'.

    How can we as His people enjoy a relationship like this now? How can we know how to pray prayers we know God will answer? Please allow the Lord Jesus Himself to answer these questions:

    09_Sep_Missing Specs 2

    Unlike me who hasn't learned yet how to communicate without the use of many words - my beloved Lord can say it all in just a very few of them. :)

    May I appeal to you from the bottom of my heart to make the time it takes to be alone with Him each day, just to sit quietly with open Bible, open ears, open eyes, and an open heart.  Let His Word sink in and become an integral part of your inmost being, and before long you will begin to think like He thinks and be able to pray with 'the mind of Christ'.  There cannot possibly be any higher or more satisfying way to live 


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  3.  08_Aug_Just a Little Light 1

    I was watching a short documentary about a young African woman from a remote village who made fine use of her education, which of course is highly prized in places like this. It is not uncommon to see children from these type of villages to travel miles on bare foot to get some basic reading and maths skills. However, this woman took her education one step further, and with funding she learnt about solar energy and how to capture it and utilise it to its maximum potential!

    In short, she has brought solar powered energy to her local village, which has gradually and completely revolutionised its future and that of the people living there. Each home is being installed with a simple panel on the roof to capture just enough energy to power ... a single light bulb! Nothing fancy, just a couple of wires a switch ... and a bulb! And yet something so very simple like this is having such an impact in her village that things are happening there that have never happened before.

    Now, the young ones who were once governed by the amount of daylight in which work must be done with no time for anything else, now have an hour or two after sundown in which they can read and learn. Of course, with some precious education in their system they will also have an opportunity to do something with their future and possibly bring something back to benefit their people.

    What a great difference a little light can make!

    Have you noticed that when you light something as small as a candle or switch on a torch, hidden things are now visible! Well, that might sound obvious but it is incredible how the most profound lessons there are to be learned are hidden right there in plain sight!

    The Bible tells us that light is more powerful than the dark and the darkness simply cannot overcome the light but rather, the overcoming is the other way around. And what a relief that this is so. No matter how small the torch or flame is, it sheds light and dispels the thick and overbearing dark ... it's that simple!

    The Bible also says that the world in which we live is dark, spiritually! The sad thing is, that men refuse the light that God has to give because as the Bible tells us: "they love the darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil." John 3: 19. What a dreadful picture is drawn of the nature of mankind, but nonetheless it is true. Ask any devoted Christian seeking to make the holiness, love, and mercy of God known to those who have never seen His glorious light of truth. More often than not their message of hope is not gladly received, but mocked or even rejected!

    And yet, when the Word of God is read and received, in comes His divine light to illuminate the fact that we are all in dire need. But God hasn't left us in that sorry state without a divine remedy. And it is divine because the remedy comes from the very heart of God Himself.

    It would be quite impossible to remedy the problem ourselves because we were the ones that created the dilemma in the first place. It takes a merciful God to reach out to lost sinners who are estranged from Him because of sin.

    It was a dark day, the day when Jesus was crucified! Although it may have been a day when the sun was shining, it was a day when it looked like the light was being extinguished. The wickedness of mankind was fully displayed there at the cross of Christ, and the devil who was behind man's rejection of Him must have thought it was his day! But in reality the Lord Jesus was there on a mission. He was there to accomplish something we in the dark could do for ourselves. 'He came to save sinners' from the eternal consequences of their sin by the sacrifice of Himself instead of ourselves.

    When we realize our need for the Lord to come in with His remedy, and we accept by faith alone what 'the light of the world' accomplished on the cross, amazing things happen to our once darkened spirits.

    He comes in, and where there is light there is life.

    The Lord Jesus said:

    "I am come that they might have life,
    and that they might have it more abundantly."
    John 10:10.

    As the African village was in darkness and unproductive before the light came in, this is what people are like! Some are able to accomplish a measured amount of success, but overall most are locked in a state of mediocrity. But whether a person is a so called success in life or otherwise, it is of little or no value in the light of eternity.

    Every precious person who has ever lived has the potential to accomplish something for eternity and no matter how small it might appear to be, because it is what God values that counts.

    The precious Son of the living God said:

    "I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
    but shall have the light of life."
    John 8: 12.

    It is amazing what a little light can do, and wonderful things are there for the happening in the lives of all who are prepared to allow the light of His Person, and the light of His Word to come in ... No matter who, or where they are!

    08_Aug_Just a Little Light 2


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  4.  07_Jun_A Long Wait

    My Doctor is very caring and meticulous at his work, and takes his time with each patient, so if you don't get the very first appointment with him you will not be seen on time! The further you are down the list of patients, the longer you have to wait!  Today I was NOT the first on the list, which meant that I had some time on my hands. In fact it was a lot of time! :)

    I checked at the reception to estimate how long I would have to wait, then arranged with them that I would do a bit of grocery shopping and put that in the car, which would fill in some time. The shopping took me about half an hour and when I arrived back at the surgery, there was still some waiting to do!  Actually, the Doctor hadn't arrived yet but was in transit after spending the morning at the other surgery a few miles away!

    Would I pass the time away watching the TV set on the wall to entertain other waiting patients? Would I read one of those glossy magazines on the table? Maybe I could just sit and look out of the window!

    Then I thought of something! I had a few little chores to be getting on with, which involved a bit of writing, so I got our my device and made a start ... and finished!  Now what?  "I know," I thought, "I'll start writing the next blog installment for Rest a While!"

    So I set to work.
    While I was sitting there, it seemed to be the perfect time to write about what you are now reading :)

    When my beloved Lord Jesus walked this earth He displayed for all to see just how wonderful God is.  As He mingled with the young and the elderly, the strong and the weak, the healthy and the sick, the rich and the poor, I notice something rather wonderful - He never compromised His values in order to mingle with the different types of people.

    He was rather cruelly accused of something which was meant to be derogatory but actually was the very truth.  They said: "This Man receive the sinners, and eateth with them." Luke 15: 2.  This meant that although He rubbed shoulders with folks that others would snub, He remained the same perfect and beautiful Person as He was when He was with the more 'refined' folks.

    We never read of Him looking down upon poor lost individuals who had gotten their lives into a mess, and He never favoured those who were on the upper echelons of society either.  He was the same all the time!  The only people who appeared to 'ruffle His feathers' so to speak, were the religious folks who knew who He was but would not acknowledge that for fear of losing their lofty positions.

    They knew who He was but because of envy, these were the people responsible for stirring the crowd to reject Him and call for His crucifixion.

    How good it is to know that they were not the ones in control!  He came with the purpose of going to the cross to pay for our sin and remove the separation that sin had caused. 

    "God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself."
    2 Corinthians 5: 19.

    There's one thing I know about the One in whom I trusted many years ago ... when it comes to the salvation of precious souls He says: "Today, if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts." Hebrews 7: 8.  Today is the day and now is the time to be concerned about your soul, because we cannot be guaranteed tomorrow. However, when it comes to the workings out of the will of our God, He is NOT in a hurry!  More often than not He tells His people to 'wait on Him' and those that do are in store for great reward.

    Our times and our future are in His hands and we cannot hurry Him. After we have become one of His adopted children through having put our complete trust in Him alone, He sets to the task of conforming our character to that of the One in whom He delights.  He wants us to be like His beloved Son!  And when it comes to the development of Christ like character, it can take a while; because sometimes we do not always learn quickly the things He wants us to know.  Other times of course, it is only experience that will help us to grow and mature ... which takes time!

    Because we live in a fast paced society in which when we can have just about all we want instantly, it is hard for us to wait. But that which is most valuable to God and eventually to ourselves is definitely worth waiting for.

    But be of good cheer if perhaps you are wondering how long is it going to take before God does what He said He would.  If He has spoken to you through His Word and you have a promise upon which you are trusting,

    He WILL bring it to pass.  He will be true to His Word.

    But let not all that waiting frustrate you.  Don't just sit there and do nothing while you are waiting on the Lord.  Who knows, He just maybe in the process of preparing you for what you are waiting for, and quite possibly preparing what you are waiting for - for you!

    Do not engineer, or initiate circumstances in an attempt to fast track what you are waiting on God for.  If you or I interfere we will spoil everything!  The Lord operates according to His own schedule and not ours and its best to leave everything with Him and in His capable hands ... AND in His perfect timing.

    I can think of a number of folks in the Bible who had to do a lot of waiting before they were ready for God to use. There was Joseph waiting to be remembered while right there in captivity for 17 years, in prison for a crime he never committed. There was Moses, who lived in the backside of the desert looking after sheep for forty years before being commissioned by God to deliver the children of Israel from the hands of wicked Pharaoh. There was of course the beloved Lord Jesus who was out of sight as it were for the first thirty years of His life before His ministry began.

    But none of these people wasted a moment of time.  There is much to be done while waiting, and we also can devote ourselves into making every waiting moment count.  Don't look at this prolonged period of time as some sort of a foe but consider it as a type of a friend through which the Lord will be given the opportunity to do His work in us.

    One day when we come into the blessing the Lord promised we will be ever so glad we waited patiently and were occupied during the process.

    Well, having spent about 15 minutes turbo typing I see that the patient who was seen before me has just finished and it will be my turn in any minute, (one hour later than scheduled!) And so my unexpected waiting time was well filled, point taken and lesson learned.  Now, how about you? :)

     "They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles;
    they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint."
    Isaiah 40: 31.


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  5. 06_Jun_Daddy, Are You Listening

    We were at a cafe having a little bite to eat after a busy day.  An empty table in my view was quickly occupied by a young father and his little boy, probably about aged four. While they were waiting for their food to arrive they chatted together but I noticed the daddy was a little distracted!  He was occupied with his mobile phone just out of sight of the child ... but I could see ... being the 'people watcher' that I am!  (Some say I'm being nosey but I tell them I'm being ... 'observant.')  :)

    Anyway, give the father his due, he was quite attentive to his little boy ... most of the time!  Well, there were a couple of times when this was not the case.  Once when he was in conversation with someone he had called.  And then there was this one more time when the little boy asked his dad something - daddy was unresponsive!  So he tried again proceeding to call to him over and over, but again unresponsive. He tried again, and once again without success.  Out of frustration he raised his voice and said: 'Daddy, are you listening?' To which the dad was snapped out of his mobile trance to give to his lad the attention he needed.

    At last the mobile was closed and placed in his back pocket so he could resume his conversation with his son.

    Thankfully, this fortunate little lad the attention from his Dad he was craving, which warmed my heart.  However, it was the little boy's question to his daddy kept ringing in my ears. ....

    You see, I have a Father in heaven, and so does every child of God who has been born into His family through faith in what His Son Jesus accomplished on the cross in suffering in the place of needy sinners.

    There will never be a time when He is distracted and we cannot have a audience with Him. He invited us to draw near to Him and He will draw near to us. (See James 4: 8.)

    He hasn't invited to us to approach Him because we need His company,
    even though we do, but because it is our company He desires!

    He has gone to ultimate lengths to restore what was taken away and spoiled when sin came into the world.  Before that day, He came regularly for fellowship and to enjoy the company of Adam and Eve, but when Adam sinned that sweet relationship was ruined!

    As usual, He came to spend a while with them but from that moment they hid from His presence, and the human race has been doing that ever since.

    God, out of love and mercy to helpless folks like us reached out with the remedy for our relationship problem with Him. We can and will be restored to Him through faith in the perfect work and in the Person of His beloved Son.  His Son is the only remedy and the only way. There is nothing we could ever conjure up that could or would ever do just as well!

    The reason for this is because the ultimate Son always had an unbreakable relationship with His Father
    all the way through His life on earth ... with one exception, and only one!

    He who said: "Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me ... thou hearest me always." John 11: 41-42, experienced for the first time in eternity what it was like to be separated from God.  He felt the desperation of crying to Him and getting no answer ... "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" Matthew 27: 46.  He cried because, such is the greatness of our sin He bravely bore that God who is holy could not look on Him and had to turn away!  The greatness of the work He accomplished there in those dark hours on the cross demands our humble submission and complete trust.  And God responds to such trust creating in all that do a clean heart from which a new life flows.

    But every child of God needs to know that there isn't a moment of the day or night when the timing isn't right to draw near to our loving Heavenly Father.  The way is always open and His people are always welcome.  He is always attentive to the heart cries of His people and is never too busy looking after the universe, stars, black holes, and white dwarfs etc., to be attentive to you personally when you lift your heart to Him.

    If you are truly His own dear child, then:  'Daddy, are you listening?'  is something you never need to ask Him. We can come into His very presence with our burdens, with our sin to confess, with all our joys and sorrows. He values an intimate relationship with His people and proved this when He demonstrated just how much He was willing to pay.

    " ... While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."
    Romans 5: 8.

    How much value do you place on a relationship with Him?

    "Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you ... "
    James 4: 8.

    "The LORD is nigh unto all them that call upon him,
    to all that call upon him in truth."
    Psalm 145: 18




    Rest a While is currently having a makeover.  This is a regular occurrence that takes place around about every three years because the company that powers this website called 'CREATE' has also updated their software.  So there is usually some work going on in the background in order to make visiting Rest a While an enjoyable experience.

    You will notice a few changes but overall, Rest a While is the same ... but a little different!  Enjoy :)

    Oh, and just one more thing ... I am looking forward to resuming my video work in the not too distant future if all goes well.


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