Heart to Heart

Here for your blessing is a collection of articles and special thoughts for you to read at your leisure.

Although most have been written by your's truly you will come across one or two from other writers because of their profitable content.

I trust that you will find among them something just for you.



The Journey
Each of us are on a journey through life but where are we destined?Here you will find something to put your mind at rest.

No Need of the Sun
He who is to be the centre and light of the future new heavens and earth
lives within those who are truly 'born of God'!

The Sighing of the Prisoner
Human sorrow is not hidden from the Lord, He knows and He cares all about it.

What do you See?
Learning the value of making the right choices. Does He Care?Jesus is worthy of your complete trust - He will never let you down.

A New Creature
If it were possible for a caterpillar and a butterfly to have a conversation together,
perhaps it would go something like this ...

All My Goodness
We are all recipients of the goodness of God without even realising it ... Even those of us who are going through trials and difficulties of varying degrees, can still testify of the goodness of God towards them in one form or another.

Treasures in Heaven
At last she found in Jesus a Man who satisfied all the longings of her heart.

Each to His Own
Mankind has a few ideas of his own about the subject of approaching God and hoping to secure a home in heaven, but his ways are insufficient and will cause him to want to run away and hide from Him in the end.

A Sower Went Forth to Sow
There is nothing quite like the pure un-tampered Word of God to touch the souls of individuals.

Five Little Words
"Behold the Lamb of God" - Just five little words but what a message of hope, peace and joy they contain?

The Christian life is certainly not boring and colourless; indeed could there be any greater joy than the knowledge of the certainty of our sins forgiven?

Things that Belong to the Lord
The Lord left all His possessions behind. But the few things that were His own in this world He freely gives to His people.

No Cry Unheard
God is never too busy to hear the prayer of His children.

Show John
Had John devoted his life to the wrong cause? Perhaps Jesus wasn't the Promised One after all!

Castles in the Sand
"Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also."

Truth at Any Cost
Peace if possible, but truth at any cost" Martin Luther. Why is the truth so valuable?

Rest a While
God desires a rest for His people and reaches out in our direction so we may know that we have not been left all alone. To echo the words of Naomi to Ruth, He whispers: “... shall I not seek rest for thee, that it may be well with thee?” Ruth 3: 1.

Shall We Throw These Away?
I looked into the face of the one who was once marred and smitten and allowed His eyes to penetrate the innermost depths of my soul and I knew that there were things hidden there that perhaps only He knew about.

He Is Able
He is able to deal with the biggest problem that mankind has ever had to face.
Whatever problems we face, Christ is the answer.

The Joy of the Bride
Jacob's prayer was a 'me first' type of prayer - He had to learn that God must come first.

Choose Life
God will never force His way into the lives of individuals, He simply lays before you the choice and the consequences. The choice is yours.

The Tablecloth
Who says that God does not work in mysterious ways?
True story - submitted by Pastor Rob Reid

The Bible
A wonderful description of the Bible - The Word of God by E. MacLelland

The Important Things in Life
When things in your life seem almost too much to handle, when 24 hours in a day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar .... and the coffee!

The classic poem about the promised presence of the Lord in the life of the believer
by Mary Stevenson

I Know
The knowledge of God is everything.
It quickens the soul, purifies the heart, tranquilizes the conscience, elevates the affections,
and sanctifies the entire character and conduct.” - C.H.M

I Believe In You
It is possible that Mary of Bethany was among the very few that really understood just what the Lord Jesus had actually come to do?

Before Great Men
Those great people in God's estimation may probably be the ‘underdogs' in ours!

From the Rising of the Sun
God is always communicating with mankind - the question is, are we listening?

From My Youth
Daniel chose to obey and honour God and God honoured Daniel and his friends in return.

Are You Ready?
Long ago when He was taken by wicked hands and crucified, they thought that they had done away with Him for good - but the world hasn’t seen the last of the Lord Jesus!

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