"To Whom Much Is Given Shall Much Be Required."

Luke 12: 48


It was a time of busyness for my friend who was preparing for the marriage of her daughter and we spoke together about all the plans. I listened with great interest to her as she told me over the phone about gowns, flowers, bridesmaids, hair styles and hymns etc. When she finished I asked her what she had in mind when the couple were signing the register. There was a long and uncomfortable pause ... then she hesitantly asked me:  “I was wondering if you would like to sing! It would be such a lovely surprise for everyone ... would you?”

It all came back to me like a flood – the promise I had made to God years before, and all that my little book contained. I had to make a decision there and then. “Yes” was my very nervous reply! I explained to her what had happened to me years ago and the promise I made God and it was arranged that nobody would know what I was going to do. My contribution would not be announced in the order of service just in case I wouldn't be able to go ahead with it.

Needless to say there was very much prayer and nail biting done in the weeks prior to the event. When the day finally arrived and everyone was gathered, some who might have observed that I was seated near the front might have wondered why I was there. After a beautiful ceremony the happy couple and entourage filed into a little room on eht left at the front of the church and the door closed slowly behind them!  ..... The moment had arrived! There was a moment of silence and then yours truly stood up and walked to the front and stood before of a congregation of very confused looking people. It was actually a rather funny thing to behold from my perspective. I beckoned to the organist to start up the introduction began singing the two hymns that had been requested. I will be eternally thankful to the Lord that all went well :)

When finished I returned to my seat, and waited with everyone for the bride and groom to appear. The organist sounded up rousing introduction as the newly wedded couple appeared. Everyone followed the happy couple out of the church to where a taxi was waiting to whisk them off to the reception, and we all found our own way there later on. It was a lovely day and everyone was so kind and encouraging to me concerning my contribution.

I suppose I should have been ever so happy about having done this at last but for some reason that I can't explain I felt so low! Later that evening when I was all alone I knelt in prayer with a very heavy heart and thanked my Father in heaven for all His help and asked Him: “O Lord, is this it? Has all that turmoil and all that waiting been only for this day or is there something else you want me to do? Lord, help me to wait, and to rest, and to be content”.

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