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Here's a growing selection of FREE downloadable images
featuring a few scenes from 'My Beautiful Jersey', and other wonderful locations,
each one with a carefully chosen verse from the Bible to encourage you each time you use your device.

Each of these images come in three sizes. If you are having trouble making these images fit your device
please feel free to get in touch and I will do my best to help you out.

'My Beautiful Jersey'

Some lovely locations from Jersey, Channel Islands featuring some of Matt Le Bail's photography.

Queen's Valley Reservior, Grouville

A walk around Queens Valley Reservior, Grouville

Queen's Valley Reservior, Grouville ... again!

Portelet Bay, St Brelade

St Aubin's Harbour

Corbiere Lighthouse, St Ouen

La Rocco Tower, St Ouen's Bay

Archironel Bay, St Martin

St Aubin's Bay

Bon Nuit Bay, St John

Queen's Valley Reservior ... Just one more time :)

East Coastline

Other Wonderful Locations

The following images are all found at Pixabay, which is a wonderful resource for free images.
Most of the images used here at Rest a While are from Pixabay :)

More images to come as and when time permits :)