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Directing you to the One who is able to bring Hope and Serenity into your life and beyond.

A soul that is anchored is like a tree that the elements cannot disturb.
Out of sight its roots go deep into the soil from where it gains its strength.
Could there be anything more sought after than quietness and confidence
in the soul that circumstances cannot disturb?

Please feel welcome to visit here and stay for as long as you like.
Goodness for your soul is guaranteed. :-)


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lives in the heart
of the one who is at home
at the feet of Jesus

The Blessed Hope and Promise
from the Saviour

Visitor's Favourite.
Morning & Evening themed quotations from the Bible

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Just Do It!
after 38 years of waiting I hear
the promptings of the Lord saying
to my heart: "Just do it,
and I will take care of everything".

"The Journey"

Each of us are on a journey
through life, but were are we destined?

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