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Directing you to the One who is able to

"Saisfy the longing soul,
and fill the hungry soul with goodness"
Psalm 107: 9

Please feel welcome to visit here and stay for as long as you like.
Goodness for your soul is guaranteed. :-)

"Looking for that blessed hope,
and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
Titus 2: 13

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Here's how to know for sure
you are going to heaven
It's as simple as ... 'ABC'
so everybody can understand.

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Precious Promises
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Once a month you find something topical, encouraging, and may be even challenging to read here.
The subject for this month
"The Eleventh Hour"

Amanda's Songs & Music

All of the hymns and songs featured on both of these albums have been carefully and prayerfully created
especially to bring encouragement, comfort and blessing to all that hear them.

Created Especially For You

Come and learn the story behind Amanda's Songs & Music :)

Sweet Compliments From Happy Customers

"This is  ministry to souls in need - the unconverted, and the cold in heart, the weary, the worn, and the sad.
It is most precious."

S. Jackson

United Kingdom

Every single time I listen to "A Whisper in the Wind", it never fails to raise my spirit and build my hope in Jesus.
Your music has helped to lift me up out of the valley and ... has ministered to my heart.

B. Menke


"I recently came across your CD "A Whisper in the Wind",
and what a blessing it has been. The message in your songs, and your beautiful voice, brings tears to this old man's eyes."

G. Geisbrecht


"Tears stored in His bottle, turned into a precious jewel, and passed on for the benefit of others."

M. McHugh.

Northern Ireland

Meanwhile At YouTube ...

'Amanda's Corner' at YouTube is the home of a few Hymns and inspirational Songs as and when I am able to pruduce them.

As a Gospel singer and song writer this gives to me an excellent opportunity to share the wonderful good news Gospel message and a word of encouragement to one and all through hymns and spiritual songs.

Sit back and have a listen to my latest song - "Hold My Face"