~ Thought Provoking Quotes ~

Thought Provoking Quotes

Here are some amazing quotes and wise one liners
that have been collected along the way to get you thinking


"When God is about to do something great,

He starts with a difficulty.

When He is about to do something truly magnificent,

He starts with an impossibility."

A. Gesswein

"It is God that worketh"

Men work like men

and nothing more is expected of a man

than what a man can do.

But God worketh like a God,

and with Him nothing is impossible."

Unknown Origin

"Success in life is not measured by public recognition or material gain.

But by the fulfilling in humble submersion our Lord's appointed place for us."

Unknown Origin

"The Spirit of God whets the appetite by giving us a taste of what's ahead.

He puts a little of heaven in our hearts so that we'll never settle for anything less."

C. Cairnes

"The fruit of the Spirit is the character of Christ.

It is not obtainable by imitating Him,

but only by allowing Christ to be Himself in us."

Charles Price

"Jesus Christ the beloved Son of God is altogether lovely,

therefore all of Him is to be desired"

Unknown Origin

"The whole believer's well being in Christ

and acceptance that we find in Him,

are derived from the fact that the Father is well pleased with the Son"

Mark Fenn

"What a joy to go into every new day, every new opportunity,

and every new responsibility with the confidence that

all I ever need for the present moment is available right now in Jesus Christ."

Charles W. Price

"He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep

to gain what he cannot lose."

Jim Elliot

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