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"What a lovely website!
It truly brings glory to God.
I will definitely visit again and enjoy more of the treasures found here.
Thanks for all your hard work."

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I heard your song "Whisper in the wind" on "Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio".
It was so beautiful and very thought provoking.

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"I bought A Strings of Pearls from Lighthouse Trails, and since then we have listened to it again and again. This is a real blessing"

I use the Old fashioned Christian Radio app for the first hour of my opening a nursery room at my job, M-F mornings.  I heard your voice singing and took a screenshot of the album.
I am so blessed and uplifted by the tone and the manner in which you sing!! And then I saw where you were from and enjoyed your website!!! I have been wanting to visit England and that area of the world since I was a little girl, and now am 47 yrs old.
I am a pastor’s wife in St. Louis, MO.

Carol Deatrick - USA

Amanda, I can't find sufficient words to express my appreciation for the Beautiful music you have composed. It has been a great joy and blessing to me. May God Bless you greatly!

Jill - USA

Lovely to find a gentle voice praising the Lord! I hope to come back to hear more - and encourage others to listen to your work. Thank you!

Christopher Wedderburn - Scotland

Hello Amanda, What beautiful music from You on Youtube.
In gloomy times (that everyone has) we look for the video Soon and Someone Told Me and that inspires us. We were able to obtain the CDs A Whisper in the Wind and A String of Pearls a few years ago.
You sent the CDs to the Netherlands (Gouda)
We hope that you can enjoy your musical gift for years to come.

Willem Reumermann - Netherlands

Your website is such a stream in the desert, refreshing my soul in a dry place where there is no water. But how His "mercies" are new every morning ... such a loving and faithful Father, and Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit!
Thank you, Amanda, for His works through you. Such a wonderful blessing!

Jane - USA

Hi Amanda. Thanks again for your good work.
Thanks for suggestion re 'Fireproof', which I'll share with a neighbour who is contemplating divorce. Thank you.

Helen - Scotand

Dear Amanda,
Though living in Denmark, I bought A Strings of Pearls from Lighthouse Trails, and since then we have listened to it again and again.
This is a real blessing - so disappointing that so few today appreciate this message of the Cross and our wonderful Jesus.
Kind regards
Peter - Denmark

I purchased both of your collections, A STRING of PEARLS, and A WHISPER in the WIND.
I only discovered your beautiful music this week, as I was visiting the Lighthouse Trails webpage. I was so blessed and touched in my heart as I listened to the music samples and I was not disappointed when I listened to the music in entirety for the first time this morning.
It is genuine and sincere in nature and your voice is lovely and gentle. Surely the Lord has given you a special ministry with music, I hope you will continue to work in this way. May He strengthen and bless you, as you are a blessing to many.
In His Care,
L. A. Goodridge - USA

It's been awhile since I visited you, and am pleased with the changes you have made to your web site.
Though I have not scanned through all of it yet, I did go through your page on what you believe. I was touched by your explanation of some parts of the Bible that I was having a problem with. I thank you for that, and will make a renewed effort to be a worthy servant of God.
Also, I am still waiting for more of your beautiful music. Even if you don't produce any original songs, just to hear you sing old favorites, as only you can do, would be a blessing.
May God bless you for all eternity.

Gordon Giesbrecht - USA  (Again)  :)

This is a lovely page thank you.
(Referring to Rest a While's Facebook page)

Margaret Elliot - N.I.

I recently came across your CD "A Whisper in the Wind" while shopping for Christian Music at, and what a blessing it has been. The message in your songs, and your beautiful voice, brings tears to this old man's eyes.
This is my first visit to your web-site, where I hope to learn more about you and your work.
I Praise God for people like you, and know you are a blessing to Him.
Thank you.

Gordon Giesbrecht - USA

So nice that we can sing and play piano and do big things in life that feel good.
Thanksgiving to him who made us to love us.
Thanks and bless,

Keijo - Sweden

Thank you for your songs unto the Lord. They have made me be more thankful in heart unto my Saviour for all the mercies and goodness he has bestowed upon me.
I love Godly music and have been blessed richly by your ministry and your testimony.
Thank You. In Christian Love.

Lynn Busch - USA

I just wanted to say what an encouragement your artwork is... my mother-in-law just introduced me to it, and I can't even say what a blessing it's been for me (even if I've only been on the site for a half hour).
Thank you so much!!

Leana Blain - USA

Dear Amanda,
I recently discovered your wonderful songs at Old Christian Radio Music store. I have listened to the "Whisper in the Wind" CD song clips many times (I am saving to be able to purchase it in the near future!)
I then found your website and I am captivated. I take it all in short spurts because there is so much to digest. I am blessed by the depth of your music, poems and writings! There is too much superficial Christianity in our day. Thank you for sharing the gifts and talents God has given you as an encouragement to other believers.
I am looking forward to getting to know you more as I return to this site. And I am looking forward to having the CD and having my spiritual life enriched through your music.
For God's glory,

Sandy Blain - USA

WOW!! What a talent and blessing you are. I can relate to your apprehensiveness in my own life. Since we have come to the Bahama Islands 7 years ago, I have been "Chief Cook", feeding as many as 50 three times a day and I finally was "brave" enough to sing a solo at the church attend and did a duet with Dave.
Keep up the great work for the Lord. It would be neat to have you come to our island of Eleuthera and sing at our next tent revival. Also, to fly you with us to the USA and do some mini-concerts at some of our supporting churches.
It's GREAT to become acquainted with another believer half way around the world. I have 2 cousins that live in Berlin Germany which isn't really that far from your island of Jersey. Who Knows --- maybe someday we can meet.
Peace & Blessings to you and your husband.

Sharon Spangler - Bahamas

I was doing a search for 'friends of faith' dolls which brought me to the Ritchie Christian Media web site ... where I came across your CD. Instantly Loved the sound and songs!
From there I looked you up on You tube and came across the video telling me of your web site :)  Happy days!
God bless and continue to make you a blessing!

Angelina Degelder - USA

I thought nothing could beat your "String of Pearls" CD but your "Whisper in the Wind" was even better.
I can't wait for your next CD.

Daniel Evans - Knoxville, TN, USA

I was in horrible pain tonight.  The Lord led me to listen to the Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio Station tonight for the 1st time.  (I had saved an icon on my website a year ago).  I heard your voice and wrote your name down.
Thank you for your ministry. (I feel much better now but the pain comes and goes. I still need prayer for healing).

Elizabeth - USA

Hi Amanda, I heard your song "Whisper in the wind" on "Old Fashioned Christian Music Radio".  It was so beautiful and very thought provoking.
So, I searched and found your site, well done for making such beautiful music available.
I will certainly visit again.
I loved that "reverse thinking" vid, very clever, and that song by Becky Kelley - "Where's the Line to See Jesus," (on You Tube) wow, if only!
Congrats for hearing God's voice and obeying Him.

Paul - UK

Thank you Amanda for your help.
I have really enjoyed visiting this site and hope to do so on a regular basis.
I pray it is used of the Lord to bring glory to Him and build up His people and speak truth to all who need to hear.
May the Lord bless you,

Vince Llyons - Australia     Rays of Sonlight

Very good Amanda - A lot of work, may the Lord Bless its use.
Much love. Yours in Christ

Keith - UK

Thanks for this wonderful site, particularly enjoyed 'Heart to Heart'.
Trust that God will bless this labour of love to the encouragement of believers and the salvation of those who don't know the joy of having Christ as Saviour and Lord.

Wyn Williams - UK

Hello Amanda!
This is your friend Gabriel.
I had to drop some lines into your beautiful website. You have helped me a lot.
When I was in a hopeless trip to Death Valley California, there you were through your music all the way.
When I was in the edge of the abyss trying to sleep there you were singing A String Of Pearls, bringing me peace.
All of this via the Lord Jesus. The Messiah.

Gabriel - Peru

Amanda, I have to tell you that I got goose bumps listening to the samples of your new album.
Can't wait to get mine, and of course one for each of my children's families :)
Thank you for creating this!

Doris - USA  (Again)  :)

Hearty congratulations - May this site prosper until the Lord returns, which has been helpfully reminded as being "Perhaps today."
"O Lord Jesus, how long? ... ere we shout the glad song?
Christ returneth, Hallelujah Amen!"

Jim & Carmen Jardine - Brazil

Hi there,
I have met you before and think I signed your guest book at your house.
I am Rachel Clarke's sister from Australia and we met your children off the ferry when they went to camp in the UK.
Rachel, myself and the her kids all came for a day trip to Jersey.
Hope that you remember me.
Blessings from down under.

Eunice Goude - Australia

when you started on Facebook, I was hoping you would share your beautiful talent, and here it is!
What a blessing to share. Thanks.

Doris - USA

A truly inspirational website Amanda.

Daphne - Channel Islands

May God bless this special work.

Lynda Shepherd - UK

We trust this website will be a blessing to all

Alan Barber - UK   Whats in it 4me