"To Whom Much Is Given Shall Much Be Required."

Luke 12: 48


It had been my earlier idea to produce as many CDs as I could afford and keep them for those who crossed my path who I felt had a need for this type of ministry. However, the Lord had other plans because there are needy people all over the world and He has taken “A String of Pearls” all over the world to reach them!

After five years I had the great honour and privilege to release my second CD: "A Whisper in the Wind". This album took five years to complete and is a testimony to the Lord's goodness and provision.


If passing on what has been given by means of comfort and encouragement touches the very heart of the Lord Himself, then what a great honour and privilege it is to do so. Although others will come into blessing as a result, this is primarily all for God. It is my ‘Alabaster Box of ointment', which the Lord alone knows all about. If I didn't take what seemed to me a giant step of faith when I did, I might have lost my opportunity, forever!

One of the dearest characters to me in the Bible is Mary of Bethany who gave her most treasured possession to her Lord. Contained in a small alabaster box was a measure of costly and fragrant oil, which she opened and poured out over the Lord Jesus, over His hair, onto His garments and down to His feet. What she did was misunderstood as a costly waste by those who should have known better but that didn't matter to her. She knew that in doing so she was touching the heart of hers and my beloved Lord and Saviour, bringing to Him great pleasure and at the same time blessing others also, for we are told that: “the house was filled with the odour of the ointment” John 12:3. Because the account has been indelibly written in Scripture for us to read we have been brought into blessing as well.

If Mary had failed to grasp the opportunity when she did, she may have found herself among the company of women who had planned to anoint the body of Lord Jesus on that resurrection morn, only to find that He was not there. He had risen from the dead. But Mary didn't delay and her timing was perfect. In the days to come and all the events to follow that led to Calvary I believe our Lord took with Him the odour of that costly ointment.  (See 'Serenity'.)

Though the work has been hard and I've had to plough a very lonely furrow at times, I consider that it has been worth it all if the people's attention will be drawn to the One who is of the greatest delight to His Father in heaven.

The souls of men and women, boys and girls are so precious and we cannot put a price on a soul! Nothing we could give could ever match the price our Lord paid on the cross to purchase individual souls. Anything we could ever do or give in our Lord's service is nothing more than “our reasonable service”.

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