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Released September 2010

My CD booklet didn't allow me enough room for this added information; however I am at liberty to share with you a little bit about each of the songs included in this album. They have been carefully chosen because they all have a particular message or story attached. I trust that by reading the following comments, the songs will perhaps mean more to you personally.

Featured tracks on he CD are as follows:

01 - A Whisper in the Wind
02 - How Great Thou Art
03 - This Much!
04 - A Garment of Praise
05 - Why Can't I?
06 - As the Dew
07 - On Eagle's Wings
08 - Morning Star
09 - Carry Me
10 - Rock of Ages
11 - A Sigh
12 - Through All of These
13 - The Harbour Light Related Link

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Track 01 - 'A Whisper in the Wind'

Believe it or not, the idea for this Title Song came long ago, just before I became a Christian. I used to enjoy walking on the cliff paths along the North coast here in Jersey. There, all alone in that beautiful place I felt as if I was close to God. One day away from everybody else I was very much aware of my smallness in the midst of this vast scene of beauty. Though I didn't realise it then, God was gently tugging on a few loose threads in my heart drawing me to my little Bible and read for myself the wonderful message of His immeasurable love and mercy to me the lost sinner. That particular day I had brought it with me and left it in my car to read upon my return from my walk, and I did read it - the rest, shall we say - is history. (Click here for more information)

Sometime later into my Christian life I discovered I could write poetry and soon I wrote a poem with the same title as this song, drawing the reader's attention to the fact that God, the Creator uses His wonderful handiwork to impress upon us that He really does exist.

Now, there is no place better than the Bible to tell us about what He is like and all that He has done to reach out to mankind so that we might be on good terms with Him. But we must come aside and away from all the noise and get alone so we can concentrate on what we are reading. O, what unspeakable blessing there is for individuals who are prepared to believe His gracious words and allow the living God to be the very centre of our lives.

This song is a combination of both the memories of my lonely walks and the sentiment in the poem. The actual song was written in 2005 and recorded in 2009 – so the production of it has been spread over several years.

Track 02 - 'How Great Thou Art'

When I was choosing songs to include in this album, which would encourage listeners to become aware of the ways God speaks to us, and what it is He is communicating, I could not overlook this beautiful, all time favourite Hymn.The writer draws our attention to the wonder and beauty of creation, causing our hearts to overflow in worship of the Creator.

Then he draws out attention to the wonder and mighty work accomplished there at the cross, where the Saviour bled and died in the place of the sinner, causing the hearts of forgiven sinners to overflow in worship of the great God of love and mercy.

Lastly the writer draws our attention to a soon coming day when the Promised One will return to take His waiting people to His home in heaven – to be with Him forever. He will of course be the centre of all adoration there, and in perfection with joy in our hearts we will love and worship Him just the way we should do. My, what a day that will be!

Will you be there?

Track 03 - 'This Much!'

This song captures a moment of tenderness between a father and his little boy who asks: “Daddy, how much do you love me?” Of course we all know the answer don't we? Perhaps we've even done it ourselves with our own children; with arms outspread we say – “This Much!” We then to take a look at the immense love of God for His children and attempt to measure the immeasurable.

Track 04 - 'A Garment of Praise'

The Bible teaches us that in order to be able to draw near to God and one day be with Him forever, we must be clothed in a ‘garment' fit for His presence. Maybe we've all made an attempt to prepare a ‘garment' for ourselves; being the independent type of people we are! Our garments of good works, moral living and even church attendance are all commendable but in God's eyes they are nothing more than ‘filthy rags', in comparison to the garment He has already prepared for us. We have to be clothed in a garment of His providing and come to Him on His terms. This garment is a covering through which a holy God accepts us, and there is nothing else on earth like it you know! Who could find or even want a garment better than one that gives to its wearer beauty and praise? Joy adorns the hearts of those who are acceptable to their God.

This is a song of unspeakable joy acknowledging our utter unworthiness of such great love.

"As for this coat that is on my back, it was given to me by the Lord of the place whither I go; and that as you say, to cover my nakedness with.

And I take it as a token of His kindness to me, for I had nothing but rags before.

And, besides, thus I comfort myself as I go: Surely, think I, when I come to the gate of the city, the Lord thereof will know me for good, since I have His coat on my back – a coat that He gave me freely in the day that He stripped me of my rags."

Pilgrim's Progress, John Bunyon.

Track 05 - 'Why Can't I?'

I have the pleasure of introducing a guest singer to compliment this song – Every year in the spring he sings his beautiful song in my garden, and he brings joy to my soul every time I hear him sing. I don't know of a more stirring sound than the voice of the sweet blackbird!

It occurred to me one day that if the birds can leave all their cares with God and sing their beautiful songs for us to enjoy, surely we can as well. Don't we have so much to sing about? Our Father in heaven cares for us and values us very highly.

Now, that's what I call a worthy cause for the heart to greatly rejoice!

"Fear ye not therefore,

ye are of more value than many sparrows?"
Matthew 10: 31

Track 06 - 'As the Dew'

Have you ever really taken a good look at the dew? Sometime just before the setting of the sun the air becomes moist leaving everything dampened with the gentle refreshing moisture. No one hears it come; for silent is its work in refreshing the parched earth and sun scorched grass and flowers. In the morning one can observe its jewel like droplets on leaves and on the tips of blades of grass. It leaves its pearly like beads of moisture on a spider's web and the air fresh and fragrant.

Those of us who have felt the need for refreshment and comfort know the gentleness of the comforter who ministered to our needs like only He can do. He did not come with a show but softly and silently – like the dew!

“I will heal their backsliding, I will love them freely:
for mine anger is turned away from him.
I will be as the dew unto Israel: he shall grow as the lily,
and cast forth his roots as Lebanon.
His branches shall spread, and his beauty shall be as the olive tree,
and his smell as Lebanon.
They that dwell under his shadow shall return;
they shall revive as the corn, and grow as the vine:
the scent thereof shall be as the wine of Lebanon.”
Hosea 14: 4-6

When God inspired Hosea to write those beautiful words, I wonder if He was saying something like this:

“Like as the Cedars in their majesty, and the olive groves in their beauty and the fragrance Lebanon bear testimony to the refreshment received from the fall of the dew, even so and in like manner God comes and ministers to the needs of His people."  (For Israel it was the need to be received again after backsliding.)

Truly only the tenderness of God can offer to the weary, worn and sad the kind of refreshment they need so much, and He never refuses those who come humbly to Him. ... And those who do are never disappointed.

Track 07 - 'On Eagle's Wings'

This song is based on Isaiah's victory verse:

“They that wait upon the LORD
shall renew their strength; they shall mount up
with wings as eagles;
they shall run, and not be weary;
and they shall walk,and not faint.”

Isaiah 40: 31.

This is a verse to me that speaks of power from God to overcome obstacles. And many are the obstacles cast before the person who longs to walk with God. Storm clouds gather and obscure the sun and the clear blue sky. The winds of adversity blow and whip up the sea of circumstances until we feel threatened and insecure. Our strength fails and we would faint along the way without the hope this verse gives like a light shining in a dark place. And what are we to do? – Wait on the Lord!

Now, waiting seems the most unnatural thing to do at a time like this when we would much prefer to panic, but the Word of God directs us to the majestic eagle who is not at all disturbed by the storm. From where he is he sees things differently and simply spreads out his wings and rides upon the thermals high above the turmoil and is in complete control.

They that wait on the Lord can do the very same thing. Like the eagle, the best place to do the waiting is where one can do the watching – on higher ground! From there our strength is renewed or changed and our energy and confidence returns. Be warned – like Isaiah's victory verse is powerful; so is this song!

Track 08 - 'Morning Star'

I am a great fan of the “Blessed Hope” of the Christian – The Promised return of the Lord Jesus. If anyone else said He was coming I might have had cause to doubt, but it was the Lord Himself that promised and it is the Lord Himself who will come - not somebody else.

Those who have had sleepless nights know how long a night can be. Like the shepherds on the hillsides and the fishermen who have been toiling all night, they look out for the morning star; for when they see it they know that the morning is soon to come. It has been said that the darkest part of the night is just before the dawn, and just at that time the morning star shines as a ray of hope.

Are these not dark times in which we are living? Could they get any darker I wonder? He who calls Himself: “the bright and morning star” gives hope to those of His waiting people, some of which are suffering greatly.

I make no apologies about singing passionately in an attempt to reflect the longing of God's people who look with glad anticipation for His imminent return. I can almost hear them saying, and sometimes I find myself joining in the cry: "Even so, come Lord Jesus" Revelation 21: 20

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Track 09 - 'Carry Me'

I have lost count of how many times referred to the words of this song as if somebody else had written them and gained comfort and strength when my resources in that area needed topping up!

This is one of my more recent songs, which was written during a time of sadness within the family. I sat and reflected on the many times I've been almost at my wits end or almost at the end of my resources and noted how the Lord had graciously come to the rescue and met our needs according to His riches in glory - every time! But this was a time when I needed carrying, and I knew from past experience that He was the One who would be able to do just that.

* Customer's Comment

"I am listening to "Carry Me" right now ...
Beloved, there are 3 things that I receive from this song
that has truly made it become my favorite:

the strong tenderness, the lifting up of my entire being,
and the encouragement to press on.

I like it a lot! Her words say exactly what I am feeling ... exactly!"

Brenda Menke.
Brushton, New York.

Track 10 - 'Rock of Ages'

This famous and favourite old hymn written by Augustus Toplady was inspired as the result of being caught in a torrential storm while he was journeying home on horseback. To continue on his way would have drenched him and was hazardous, so he found a place to shelter – in the cleft of a rock! There he sheltered until the storm abated and he was able to resume his journey.

As a result of being there safe and hidden while the storm raged on outside made him think about the safety and security of the believer in Christ our ‘Rock of Ages'. We can safely hide in Him and be secure from any thought of being judged for sin because Christ bore the awful blast wrath of God against our it in His own body on the centre cross some 2000 years ago. Truly the believer knows that all the good we have come into is because of Christ our ‘Rock of Ages', and on into eternity the same will be true. The storms of adversity and opposition may rage on this Rock but it will forever remain unmovable, sound and secure, and every child of God can say: “So will I; for by grace I am hidden safely in Him!”

Track 11 - 'A Sigh!'

The scene is set – a wedding, flowers, fuss, smiling people and the anticipation of seeing the bride, the centre of attention; all of the emotions that comes upon us at a time like this. Then in the second part of the song the scene changes; now in eternity, another wedding is taking place, but instead of the bride being the centre of attention – it is the Bridegroom!

Warning – Tears are expected, and a box of tissues may be required when listening to this song!  :)


"And there, higher than the transfiguration mount
we shall open our eyes one day and see ...
"no man save Jesus only"

Track 12 - 'Through All of These'

This little song with an Irish lilt
is based upon the words of the Psalmist who wrote:

“The mighty God, even the LORD, hath spoken,
and called the earth
from the rising of the sun unto the going down thereof.”
Psalm 50: 1.

The lyrics remind us of a few things that I know God uses to speak to us. He uses the birth of a child, sunsets, birdsong, snowflakes to name but a few. However the list is endless and we would never be able to truthfully say that God never thought of us or reached out to us. Every day and an all sorts of ways He is communicating to us His goodness, His grace, our need and His remedy. Perhaps at last the listener to God's voice might just be moved to look for that old forgotten Bible, blow the dust away, open up its pages and read its sacred, life giving words, and there find the Saviour to meet their greatest need. You'll never be sorry you did!

Track 13 - 'The Harbour Light'

I wish I knew more about Virginia Moya, the lady who wrote these solemn words and under what type of circumstances she wrote them but unfortunately I don’t.

I have however chosen this hymn because I feel that it ties up the message of this album very well. The message this hymn conveys to the listener is something like this: “For a lifetime God in mercy has been tenderly calling out to souls offering refuge from the doom of those who reject Him, or even neglect Him. Turn to Him who in mercy is waiting and point your life and destiny in His direction; for it will be too late to put things right with Him after we leave this world.”

I cannot emphasise enough how precious your soul is to God and the unfathomable lengths He has gone to secure a place in His home for you. Do not live a careless life only to find when it is over you missed out on the best God had to give.

As the harbour light shines as a beacon of hope to the traveler, leading him safely to rest and shelter, so the message of the Gospel does just the same and declares to us a Saviour to meet all of our need, addressing the question of sin that separates us from God and His haven of rest.

Turn and head for the harbour light now while you have the opportunity, because none of us can guarantee we will be able to do it tomorrow! I implore you, don’t miss out; eternity is a long time to live with the memory of countless wasted opportunities.One thing is for sure, if you do, you can be sure you’ll set heaven ringing and singing for joy when a sinner is saved at last or when the wanderer comes back home.