'Twas There at a Tree

There in a garden created by God, walked a fair woman who was unaware
A serpent was near to the place where she trod patently waiting with bait in his snare.

He called her with tones that were hard to refuse, A moment unguarded, she list' to his voice:
“Didn't God tell you, you've nothing to lose? The fruit that's forbidden will make you rejoice,

You'll be then as gods are with eyes that can see The good and the evil - so do then be wise,
Take of that fruit then and you will be free” Said that old Devil in serpent disguise.

She ate of that fruit, Now with eyes open wide she gave to her husband who ate it as well,
Then they both knew there was nowhere to hide; seeing the evil and good they both fell.

Then they could see there was good to be done, but the power to do it was now gone for good;
Beholding the evil they sought where to run to be free from it's power, if only they could.

Trapped and enslaved and afraid of God's face the couple with sorrow their story would tell;
Sent from the garden, that beautiful place ‘Twas there at a tree, the human race fell!


Led out in shame, a cruel Cross He did bare, Railed on and spitting, He quietly bore.
Savagely nailed to the Cross without care, lifted up high - His own soul was outpoured.

Two malefactors, on either side one. He on The Centre Cross as if the worst.
Over the scene a thick darkness was hung: the Sinless One dying for sin and accursed.

Breaking the silence beneath brazen sky, reflecting His image, the suffering and pain,
Pleading, forsaken - “O My God why ... Hast Thou forsaken me?” only in vain.

For this is the reason the Saviour did come there to that place; for this was His hour.
Up went the cry - “It is finished - ‘tis done” ‘twas there at a Tree that he broke Satan's power.

His hands and His feet and His side are now scared, to prove that the path of obedience He trod.
Lighting the way that since Adam was barred; what He did at the Tree made the way back to God.