Rise Up and Walk

Like the beggar that laid at the beautiful gate;
You may have your troubles from birth.
While life passes swiftly why sit here and wait
Making do with the comforts of earth?

Why reach out for scraps, for a penny or two
To help with life’s battles and strife?
When just within reach there is something for you,
Beyond mere existence – A LIFE! …

In full spectrum colour when once black and white
Purposeful, vibrant and clear.
From the mundane to a future that’s bright,
From shackles that hold you down here.

And when the Life-Giver, He passes your way
As He certainly does to us all,
Why then in your state be contented to stay?
Be wise then and rise to His call.

Be it early or later the time will soon come
A moment especially for you;
A tug at the heartstrings, and then will be gone
That calls to a life that is true.

Do not delay then to make the right choice.
Don’t hope when instead you could know,
Don’t just be happy when you could rejoice,
Be sparse when you could overflow.

Through faith in the sweet Name of Jesus our Lord;
The best that our God has to give
Is abundantly given and freely outpoured
To rise up, to walk and to live!