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A Christmas Carol

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12_A Christmas Carol

It is humbling to think of the mighty stoop the Lord Jesus made when leaving the heights of Heaven and His Father’s Throne to come into this sin sick world to be our Saviour. He could have been born into a noble family surrounded by palace guards and finery, but rather it was to a young virgin maid betrothed to a humble carpenter that our Saviour was born. These were people who knew what it was to be on the poor end of the spectrum. Perhaps eventually so that no one would feel unqualified, but everyone from the poorest of the poor right upwards would qualify for the blessing of sins forgiven and being reconciled to God.

What ought to be our response to such unfathomable grace and love? Surely we ought to have the attitude of humility and never take for granted His demonstration of that ultimate giving! It is all too easy perhaps to get used to the fact that we are saved by the grace of God because of the Saviour who went all the way to Calvary to die in our place. However, may we keep fresh in our minds that although we are unworthy, we are loved all the same! And make it a regular habit to bow the knee with a sincerely thankful and praise filled heart to our ‘Saviour Divine’, ‘who who loved us and gave Himself for us.’


Well, I got beat by the clock this time around and didn’t get my song for Christmas finished on time, but almost! For those who do not know, it was written with my Mum in mind who has been seriously unwell for quite some time and underwent an operation from which there was a very slim survival rate! But by the grace of the Lord she pulled through and is doing remarkably well. This is such a gracious answer to prayer.

She has on many occasions asked me to do a recording of the beautiful Carol “O Holy Night”, and after some time alone with the Lord in prayer it was laid on my heart to do this song for Christmas…  after I thought I had missed my opportunity to do this for her earlier. And so after finding out a thing or two about the original version, knew I would be able to alter the lyrics to give them more clarity, being a little more honouring to the truth of the Gospel message, and the impact the 'Saviour Divine' can have on all who trust Him fully!

Yes, it has been sung to the original tune and recorded and will be published Online in video format at YouTube in the not too distant future, (albeit a little out of season!) :)

Oh Love Divine

 Oh wondrous night when stars were brightly shining
There on the night of our dear Saviour’s birth!
God in a tiny human babe abiding
Jesus had come - as promised to the Earth.
The precious Hope which souls had long for waited
To bring the light and chase the dark away …

 Fall on your knees
Oh hear the angel voices:
‘A Saviour divine to you this day is born.’
Oh love divine,
Oh love, oh love divine. 

 Truly this precious Man was like no other,
Fragrant and pure to His Father’s delight.
And all would through His words and deeds discover 
God’s final answer to Earth’s hopeless plight.
He came to break the bond of sin forever, 
Now purest joy His trusting people know …

 Christ is the Lord!
Oh bless His Name forever. 
All power and glory be to Him forevermore. 
Oh love divine, 
Oh love, oh love divine.

 Fall on your knees,
And bring to Him your praises.
Oh Saviour divine, no greater love than His!
Oh Saviour divine,
Oh Lord…
Oh love divine.

 “O Love Divine” adapted from original Carol “O Holy Night”
by special request
A song for Christmas 2020 by AleB


 Merry Christmas 2022
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With every blessing and love


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