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What About Now?

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12_Dec_What About Now?
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The Bible is filled with promises about the future, and how every true believer on the Lord Jesus Christ has so much to look forward to.

It is wonderful beyond words to know that God has made provision for people like ourselves to be assured of all our sins forgiven, and the promise of a home in heaven awaiting us at the end of our journey.

All that we live through from day to day; the greatest of joys or the deepest of sorrows cannot be compared to, or spoil all that our loving God has in store for His people.

But what about now?
What do we have to get us through today?

We read In the Bible of so many incredible things happening in the past, and sometimes we wonder what it would have been like to have lived to see those things with our own eyes. 

Perhaps we would have loved to have seen the Red Sea part to allow the children of Israel to pass through to safety, and witnessed the sea closing in on their Egyptian pursuers who were following closely behind.

Or how about the battle on mount Carmel between the prophets of Baal and Elijah about who was the true and living God? To have watched the prophets try in vain all day to arouse their false god to consume by fire their offering, and then to watch as Elijah’s God consumed his drenched offering, the alter upon which it was presented, and the trench of water around it about with fire from heaven! Wow!!

Or maybe, we would have loved to have been among the crowds that listened to the words of the Lord Jesus. Or seen Him use the tiny provisions of a young lad, and with five loaves and two small fishes how He fed to satisfaction a multitude of people! 

Who like Jesus could heal like He did? Oh, to have seen the joy of a leper discovering he was cleansed, the joy of the one who could see for the first time after being born blind, and the joy of the paralysed man being given the strength to walk all on his own! Or how about witnessing the deliverance of a poor man filled to the brim with demonic entities, then later discovering him ‘clothed and in his right mind’ after being in torments for who knows how long previously?

I wonder what it must have been like for those to hav seen the Lord raise from the dead their beloved brother and friend Lazarus after being in the grave for four days!

Or even to have been among those who saw the risen Lord Jesus after He was crucified, died, buried and risen from among the dead Himself on the third day!

What wonderful days they must have been! How privileged those people were to have lived way back then… but what about today?

So much wonderment in the distant past to thrill our souls,
and so much glory in the not too distant future to greatly look forward to,
but what about today?

What do we have to hold on in our every day lives, especially when life gets tough? Can we expect such a God of greatness to be an integral part of our lives in the here and now? Well, we can expect all this and so much more! Because the living God does not want to be a part of our lives but He wants to have all of our lives.

To be truly blessed in ways beyond our reckoning we must totally surrender to Him who not only gives life, but is life! He not only gives peace, but He is our peace! He not only gives strength but is our strength.

The Christian asks the questions: “How could anyone possibly live without Him?” Or “How did I ever manage on my before I trusted in Him and before He saved my soul?” Because once we have tasted of the bounty there is in this wonderful Person, there can be no looking back; for He is greater than the greatest, and better than the best!

But how can those of us who are trusting in this magnificent Person live in the good of trusting Him now, when we cannot see Him? The answer comes to us in these wonderful words:

“Jesus Christ
the same yesterday,
and to day,
and for ever.”
Hebrews 13: 8.

From these words we can conclude that the One we read of in so many accounts in the past, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament of the Bible is exactly the same in character and in power today, and forever will remain exactly the same!

If Jesus has told us without doubt: “I and my Father are one” John 10: 30, and God the Father says: I am the Lord, I change not…: Malachi 3: 6, then we can rest in the assurance that the One who calls upon us to come to Him is worthy of our complete surrender and wholehearted trust.

This precious One who touched the lives of countless people in the past and revealed His glory and power is sufficient for our daily needs this very day and time in which we live. There is no need that we have that is overlooked by such a One as He. Nothing in our lives is too small and insignificant for His interest, or too great for Him to remedy.

We are thinking about God the mighty Maker of the universes beyond our skies, God the mighty Creator of the earth upon which we live and everything that is on it. We are thinking of the One with whom nothing is impossible. The One who holds everything together, and yet knows the fall of a tiny sparrow that most if not all of us would overlook.

But Jesus told us that we are of greater importance than many sparrows and not one of us are overlooked by such a loving and caring God as He.

Therefore we could not be entrusting ourselves into safer hands.

If sometimes we feel that our day to day living is a burden too great to bare, let us take a look for a moment of time at the beloved Lord Jesus who bore a greater burden than we could ever imagine. The Bible tells us He bore our sin on the cross upon which He was crucified. In His own body He bore its awful curse and the wrath of God against it. This is what our sin deserved and the payment that God required for it, because it is so dreadful!

That love He demonstrated for poor lost sinners back then in those dark hours all alone so long ago is the same love that He loves us with today! Remember, He is the same forever, He never changes!

There are so many people are roaming around in the dark without the Lord as their life, their peace and strength.  People without hope in life or anything to look forward to after they pass away. Maybe that is you!

It would not take too much to understand that times in which we are living are perilous! They perfectly fit how the Bible describes what the world is going to look like in end times. The Lord Jesus told us: “When these things begin to come to pass, then lookup, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” Luke 21: 28.

All that we see going on all around us all over the world today clearly indicates that time is running out. This world is heading for the wrath of God and judgement. There is only one escape. Only one provision given by God, because only one way is necessary… that is the Lord Jesus Christ.

There is coming a moment of time very soon when Jesus is going to come and call all of His trusting people away from this world to be with Him where He is. This is something He promised to his people long ago and He is about to fulfil that precious promise. (See John 14: 1-3.)

The time of God’s mercy is fast running out and to put off being reconciled to Him would be foolish because tomorrow could be too late. So I appeal to you not to wait a moment longer… What About Now?

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