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Hold My Face

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Card Design 2021

I heard in an online broadcast a conversation between a couple of the Lord’s people concerning the lateness of the hour in which we are living, and how frustrating it is that many Christians are either ‘sleepy’, or so eager to get on with life after the Covid crisis that they are not aware of what the Word of God has declared concerning the time and the season we find ourselves in today.

The Lord has clearly spoken and continues to do so but, who is listening? One of the people in the conversation likened it to a time while trying to grab the attention of his little boy, got down on his knees and asked his child to ‘hold my face’. When the child reached out to his Daddy he finally got the little boy’s attention. Perhaps this is what the Lord is doing today - He wants us to wake up or stop tearing around, slow down and ‘hold His face’ as it were, so we are quietened down enough to hear His ‘still small voice’!

If we can only cherish being quiet enough to hear what our beloved Lord wants us to know, then we will understand what it is He wants us to be occupied with in this late hour. Here we all are at the end of 2021, and heading fast into 2022, and the Lord has so orchestrated our times that we should be alive ‘at such a time as this’ not only to see what He is just about to do, but to be found faithfully ‘occupying till He comes’!

The world appears to be spiralling into chaos, and evil is rampant. But let us not be too disheartened, because what we can see going on at every turn is exactly what the Bible described would happen in the ‘end times’. So, even though life can be unpleasant at times, hold on just a little while longer because He is coming! Remember, our Lord said: “In the world ye shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world.” John 16: 33. And our beloved ‘Overcomer’ will soon descend from heaven with a shout to deliver us from ‘the wrath to come.’

Therefore, if you happen to be of the ‘sleepy’ type and a little indifferent to the time and season in which we are living, or if you are the busy type with a noisy and cluttered life, or if perhaps if you are feeling downcast and discouraged, look up - there is a loving God within reach who understands with a perfect understanding. Reach out by faith and allow the Lord and Lover of your soul to encourage you, to strengthen you, and to cheer you on the home run, that last stretch of the race before we hear His call to “Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away!” Song of Solomon 2: 10.

And so with this thought in mind with the Lord’s help a song was composed for Christmas and is in the making right now, and soon to be published.

Here’s a taster in the form of the lyrics taken from the song. Enjoy :)

Hold My Face

A father and his little boy, the two of them alone,
He tried his best to help his playful son to hear his words, 
So he captured his attention in a sweet and loving way 
Stopping down to where he was and in his warm embrace… this is what he said:

‘Hold my face’… Look at me and hear what I am saying to you.
‘Hold my face’… I have something here within my heart with you I want to share;
For I love you, and I want you to treasure all I say.
You must listen close to me to hear - your Daddy’s voice. 

Down through all the ages past in many different ways
The Father made his many wishes known upon earth.
But then just one last time He spoke in these closing days,
Through the Person of His Son to those who will give ear… this is what He says: 

‘Hold my face’… Look at me and hear what I am saying to you.
‘Hold my face’… I have something here within my heart with you I want to share;
For I love you, and I want you to treasure all I say.
You must listen close to me to hear - my ‘still all voice’ 

From heaven to a manger, then from there to Calvary,
The demonstration of the love of God for you and me.
The gift of mercy given, but hurry to receive; 
For soon there’ll be a time on earth when none will want to hear… and He will speak no more!


 “Today if you hear His voice, harden not your hearts.”
Hebrews 4: 7.

May I take this opportunity to wish all who are visiting a very happy Christmas and all the wisdom and strength you need as we venture into a New Year.

Merry Christmas!


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