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The Gift and The Giver

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"Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given ..."
Isaiah 9: 6.

Over two thousand years ago a gift was given from God to mankind as the ultimate expression of His love to undeserving people like you and me.

This is a very different type of a gift than what we are used to; for this gift was given to us not wrapped up in pretty paper and bows but in swaddling bands. This is not a gift that is an object but God's gift to us is a Person.

This is a Person like no other. He is God's beloved Son. We see in the above verse a twofold description given to this precious One:

He was a child born, and a Son given ...

And this is what makes Him totally unique. When God sent Him into the world and placed into the loving care of Mary and Joseph, He didn't begin His existence when He was born but came as the Son from eternity into time.

Jesus was indeed the very expression of God Himself. If we ever want to know what God is like, all we have to do is take a look at His Son; for the Bible tells us that Jesus is:

"... The brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person ..."
Hebrews 1: 3.

And while He lived on earth for a mere thirty-three years He demonstrated to us what God is like in His character, but if we want to understand what the love of God is like we have to go to the cross where Jesus was dying to put away the terrible thing that separates us from Him.

And that is our sin!

Jesus willingly became our Substitute and suffered in our place the punishment that we as sinners deserve. Everything that God requires for people like you and me to be sure of a home in heaven has been accomplished when Jesus died. And to prove that God was satisfied that the sin debt was paid for in full Jesus was risen from among the dead and now lives in the power of a endless life.

As it is evident for all to see, there is a large amount of people who refuse the Gift and the Giver,
but what will you do?

What better time to understand your need, turn from the sin that estranges you from God and trust in the only way sinners are pardoned of their sin. Trust fully in God's beloved Son and in Him alone.

But Jesus isn't just a gift for Christmas only to be soon forgotten in the passing of only a few days. He is the most precious Gift that anyone could ever possess because He Himself comes to take up His abode in the lives of those who humbly place their trust in Him.

May the precious Lord Jesus this Christmas time be the reason for your joy and your greatest delight; for if God His Father finds all His delight in His beloved Son, surely we can also.

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