I Can Manage Myself!

“Here, let me take that burden from you” spoke the kindest, most gentle voice.
But my foolish pride got the better of me, it was then that I made the wrong choice.

“Thanks, but I think I can manage myself” I spoke without taking a thought
With an intake of breath I took up my load and onward I struggled and fought.

Ahead was a glow that was beckoning me from the place that I thought would be home
But my heart was faint and my footsteps weak as I shouldered my burden alone.

The homestretch was hard, the hill so steep and under my burden I fell
I sunk to my knees in the dirt and dust and suddenly woke up in Hell.

All on my own in this terrible place with memories tormenting me
Of the times I chose to neglect my soul they’ll be mine for eternity.

The stark reality gnaws at my soul I know that for me it's too late
In life I thought I could do it alone but that thought was to seal up my fate.

And in despair I lift up my eyes and see there in heaven above
The One who in tenderness spoke once to me and offered the gift of His love

The gulf is so wide, it cannot be spanned and I sink in my ruin and shame
No prayers of mercy will ever be heard, and all I now have is this flame –

That lustily laps my forever-lost soul to torment and never consume
Regretting the day I said once to Him: “I can manage myself Sir, thank you!”