He Gave Himself

In perfect obedience, the Son of God’s love: none else could do the work to be done.
Leaving the heights of heaven above and His Fathers throne.
Laying Him down on a manger bed; a helpless babe in swaddling bands.
Full well He knew what lay ahead - “He gave Himself”

Never a moment of the day when on this earth the Saviour trod:
Never was any sent away from the Son of God.
The burdened souls He came to save, He met their need and satisfied.
More precious than time was that He gave - “He gave Himself”

When Jesus spoke and talked with them: never a word was spoke in haste
But every word was like a gem, not one did waste.
Withdrawing himself in the garden to pray, pouring out all of His soul unto God;
Much more than words He prayed that day - “He gave Himself”

See Him suspended upon the tree; shedding His blood to the very last drop.
To die this way, determined was He and did not stop.
More than His blood was shed that day, more than his body suffered there;
The ultimate price for sin He did pay - “He gave Himself”