Friendship With the World

Life and its choices and many loud voices
Demand that attention of yours.
So easy to listen and miss your great mission
In life and go through the wrong doors.

You don’t want to look odd when following God,
What would your friends think about you?
You want to serve Christ but so highly is priced,
Giving up the old and living new.

Just play the game and look just the same,
Perhaps you can live as you choose.
The things that you wear will plainly declare
To others you’ve nothing to lose.

The things that you say in that same worldly way
As the sinners you’re seeking to win;
The Spirit is grieved and you are deceived
If you think you are going to win.

Go back to the start and look in your heart,
And honestly see what’s inside.
And make yourself small because God knows it all,
From His all seeing eye you can’t hide.

It will cause you distress when you try to impress
The worldlings who’ve put God away.
The world - or God’s Son ... Make your choice, so which one
Will you have as your friend from this day?

Whatever you want, to serve God you can’t
And the world with its pleasures and sin.
If you make it your friend you will loose in the end,
‘Cause you can’t have the world and have Him.