A Speck of Gold

Oh Lord! Within my darkest hour, when stormy clouds hang low,
When disappointments are my lot; It cheers my heart to know -

Thou Rock, higher than I, and so the storm can’t reach this realm.
This peaceful place where I may go when I am overwhelmed.

Yes, Thou art there, always so near, and with Thine outstretched arm:
Thou liftest up this soul of mine, and givest me great calm.

Thy presence is a balm to me as I go through each trial.
One day I’ll understand - after I’ve suffered for a while.

At time when circumstances seem darker than night to me:
Thou Light, Thou Mighty Comforter art everything to me!

Thou hast designed each trial of fire my dross to burn away.
O, may it leave a speck of gold to give to Thee one day!