Long, long ago in days gone by an old man praying and wondering why
His day of waiting almost gone, to see the One he’d longed for long.

Perchance one day a family came, quietly did they and sought no fame,
To bring their Child unto the Lord as was instructed by His Word.

And when arose the infant cry, the old man hearing by and by
Towards them through the crowds made haste, at last before the Child was faced.

The day he long had waited for, he would be waiting know no more;
For cradled in his arms of love was God’s Salvation from above.

Before all those gathered around the One of his desire found,
And from his lips was heard a prayer, as though speaking into the air!“

May now Thy servant pass in peace; for mine eyes have seen the King of Grace,
The One who I was looking for is here, I need to wait no more”.


It seems as if your life has passed, but patient waiting brings at last
An answer to the longing heart; the Lord of whom you are a part -

He never turned Himself away from you in whom He dwells this day;
A purpose for your life has He, however small it seems to be.

So all His suffering and His pain for you it won’t have been in vain,
For He who has a work begun, He will perform it ‘till it’s done.

And unto Him your life will fill a place within His Sovereign will.
Then waiting will be at an end when one day He for you will send.