I began writing poetry in 1991, when I discovered the ability to do so while seeking to give to my Mum a unique gift for a special birthday.

Some of these poems have been adapted for singing but most have been left untouched since they were written.

As time passes I will also make use of other people's poems (by kind permission); for there are some treasures too good and wholesome to be forgotten.

As you browse through the following pages I trust that the poems you will find there will be a blessing to you.

A Speck of Gold
What will we have of any value to give to our Lord and Saviour?

Is Anything too Hard for the Lord?
With God nothing is impossible.

Someone Told Me
In memory of my Grandmother who faithfully told me the gospel of the grace of God.

Waiting with joyful anticipation for the soon coming of the Lord Jesus.

Just a Crumb
The smallest measure of blessings from the Lord is beyond comprehension.

My Sin
This is what separates a soul from God and the reason for the death of Christ.

He Careth for Me
He cares for us with a tender loving care - no matter what!

Not I, 'Tis Him
Echoing the words of John the Baptist: "He much increase, and I must decrease."

I Saw the Sun
The reward of rising early to be alone with God.

Friendship With the World
A challenge to the cold hearted and to the worldly Christian.

That Look
We cannot rely on our own strength and wisdom.

Those who wait on the Lord will be richly rewarded

If He Were in My Place
Allowing the living Lord Jesus to live His life through us.

Nevertheless ... God
The unchangeable God never lets His people down.

My Resting Place
Close to the Lord is the only true resting place for the soul.

He Must Needs Go
Beware, the time is running out. Do not wait until the Lord has passed you by!

My Man is in the Glory
The Son of God is a real man alive in heaven today!

No Longer the Dogs
For the believer, suffering is only for a little while.

The Son
There is no one on earth or in heaven like Him!

The Hope of All the Earth
Whatever the problem - Christ is the answer!

I Can Manage Myself
The danger of independence!

The Blood
This is the only means by which we can be made acceptable to God.

Rise Up and Walk
Abundant life instead of a mere existence.

The One We've Never Seen
When faith gives way to sight.

But This Man
This Man like no other is the only One to meet the needs of humanity.

'Twas There at a Tree
Down through history some highly significant events have taken place there at a tree.

The Pearl
Each believer is a treasure that Christ has purchased at the greatest price.

The Power of His Touch
The never changing, tender and yet powerful touch of the Lord.

Read On
The life changing Word of Almighty God.

He Gave Himself
When Christ died on the cross, He gave much more than His life!

As Ointment Poured forth
The precious, fragrant name of Jesus.

Wait on Him
Based on the beautiful words of Isaiah 40: 31.

This man should have died on the centre cross.

Do not let the storms in life to render you useless!

Beyond Comprehension
The ways of God are beyond our reckoning.

Visitor's all time Favourite

To the Beat of Different Drum
The citizenship of the believer is in heaven.

Poetry by Other Writers

Our Advocate
Christ, our intercessor on our behalf.

The power of prayer never diminishes with the passing of time.

Our Calling
Called out of the world system to walk with God.

He Knows and He Cares
The One who knows all about our problems will never leave us all on our own.

This is My Friend
A Biblical appreciation of the sweet friendship of the Lord Jesus.

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