The Power of His Touch

A leper, cast aside by all, he nervously drew near -
the Lord, and unto Him did call: “Lord, Thou cans’t make me clear
Of this sickness that is mine, Lord, Thou cans’t do so much.”
“I will” said He, with love divine, And healed him with His touch.

A little girl lay quiet and still, the life from her had gone,
The laminators did wail until the Lord ‘they laughed to scorn.’
“Be quiet”, said He, “Your mourning cease; the maid she is not dead
But sleepeth now, so keep your peace, I’ll give her life instead.”

And so He sent them all away for they could not do much,
And gave the dead girl life that day, by the power of his touch.
He took men to a mountain high, His Face did shine so bright,
A Voice did come from in the sky - And spoke to them with might:

“This is My Son, Beloved to Me, I want for you to hear
His every Word” - But the Glory caused them to fail for fear.
Then Jesus reached out with His hand - and touched them tenderly,
All fear was gone at His command “They saw no one but He.”

And so it was the dead were raised, the blind received their sight,
The deaf and dumb His Name did praise, and heavy hearts made light,
They brought their infants to the Lord - ‘Cause He would bless them much,
They came to Him because they knew there was virtue in His touch.

The Lord, He is today the same as in the days gone by,
For when we called upon His name, He hearkened to our cry;
All worthless sinners in His sight, yet through the ages spanned,
He touched our lives with power and might when He reached out His hand.

He feels all our infirmities, they touch His very heart,
For He’s tasted all humanity like us, but sin apart.
So let us boldly come until we are complete as such
Unto His Throne of Grace, for still -There’s power in His Touch.