The Pearl

A grain of sand was I upon the Gentile ocean bed.
In Jesus' tender heart by God was placed.
Once worthless, yet, by matchless grace - A treasured thing instead.
All my sins were Sovereignly erased.

How can this be that I so vile should give to Him delight?
When once my heart of flesh was like a stone.
What do His eyes behold that makes me precious in His sight?
The far off one now made His very own.

The suffering of God's blessed One who gave His all away,
His very life poured out to cover me.
He travailed in His precious soul to purchase me that day,
And satisfied God's claims eternally.

Without the love that sought and found, I'd drift away and die.
Yet now's this speck in priceless pearl arrayed;
A precious thing to God, unworthy of such love am I,
Oh, may this pearl be worth the price He paid!