The Hope of All the Earth

A dying creation, our earth bears a scar.
The sea is polluted, the air is unclean.
Diseases and famine, distresses and war,
Our hearts are left fainting for sights that we’ve seen.

The people are fearful, so rapid the change,
When one time in safety we walked in the night.
The rules for today have now become strange:
When right is now wrong and wrong is now right.
Where is the comfort for heartache and tears?
Who has the answer to all of this pain?
The Politicians have been trying for years
To resolve the earth’s problems but only in vain.


Out in a stable, so rude and so bare,
On a cold lonely night so long, long ago:
The Hope of All Earth; God’s Son was born there.
His Only Begotten One, Whom He loved So,
Embraced in a mother’s arm there He lays.
The Answer to all earthly pain has now come,
“God manifest in the flesh” Scripture says.
The Answer is Him - God’s Beloved Son.

A pathway of blessing and glory He lived,
He spoke of true joy like the world never knew,
The kind that’s not worked for, but only a gift,
Unwanted by most but embraced by a few.
A paralysed man, he was made to rejoice:
The Saviour did heal him and now he could stand.
Death had to flee at the sound of His voice,
Untouchable lepers were cleansed by His hand.

But the world hated Him, loved not His peace,
Said “Away with This Man, we will not have Him
To rule over us” And so they released
A murderer instead of The Man with no sin.
That Man that fed thousands, made storms to “Be still”
Gave hope to the hopeless and life from above.
Earth’s famines continue, still people are ill,
‘Cause Him they rejected and spurned all his love.


The earth that is suffering will remain so,
The Hope of All Earth was rejected back then.
So let’s not blame God for earth’s heartache and woe,
Or try on our own for world peace without Him.

But lest we grow weary and faint on the way
Without any hope in this life or beyond:
Remember the Son of God came in that day,
And His death brought sweet peace to those who’d respond.
One day the Saviour will come here again,
Suffering and heartache will be in the past.
He who was rejected, in power will reign,
The Lord of all Glory will rule here at last.