That Look

That look, that caused the man to realise
That after all he was only just a man.
Trying to warm himself by the coal of fires,
It didn’t end the way it had begun.

The One, he loved so very much he thought,
With cursing and with swearing had denied.
The One, who when unto the end was brought,
He thought he would endure right by His side.

That night had grown so very dark and yet
He stood illuminated by the fire.
That look, that look he never would forget,
He never thought he would be such a liar.

He thought he loved Him more than other folk;
“I’ll stay no matter what!” He’d proudly boast.
Remembering the promise that he broke,
Why did he let Him down when needed most?

Not understanding why it wasn’t kept,
The very thought it filled him with despair.
He went outside and bitterly he wept,
Done was the damage he could not repair.

A change within his heart occurred that night;
That look of Christ to him brought bitter pain.
But in his darkest hour he saw the light;
No longer would he trust himself again!

Now the Lord would never leave him in despair,
And comfort to his contrite heart He brought.
The risen Christ dispelling all his care,
He’d never see that look again, he thought.

This time that look brought comfort and brought peace,
And all he thought was lost was not to be;
His confidence in self was now released,
With all of it in Christ he then was free.