Precious Promises

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Precious Promises

Have you ever been a victim of a broken promise or contract? Then you know how disappointing this can be. Seeing as it is that we as human beings have the tendency to be undependable, and promises are like proverbial 'pie crust' that is easily broken, where can we go for some precious unfailing words upon which we can utterly depend?

If we were to open our Bibles we would find written there with indelible ink in its sacred pages multitudes of promises ready to meet every person right there in their great need - and in yours also! Because of the greatness of the One who is making the promises, we can utterly rest there; for the Bible tells us that God cannot lie!

This little book contains 31 of those 'Precious Promises', along with a few little thoughts to accompany them - one for each day of the month for you to cherish and make your own. These have been compiled especially for your encouragement, comfort and blessing, and I do hope you will find this little book something you will love to treasure.

With every blessing


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