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01_Jan_Blessed Hope

The world has never been so dark as I have found it to be in the past year.  No matter where we look, to the left, to the right, the world has felt like quicksand that no one can lift themselves out of. Those ruling our countries are in turmoil and no one can actually get all that much which is worthwhile accomplished. The environment in which we live feels rather like a big boiling pot about to blow its lid!  And all the while living here makes us feel like groaning under the weight of it all.

Don't you ever feel like this is not our home anymore?  I don't know about you but I am really looking forward to going to my real home - I just long for "the blessed hope and glorious appearing of our great God and our Lord Jesus Christ." Titus 2: 13.  I absolutely can't wait to see the One "who loved me and gave himself for me." Galatians 2: 20.  The desire in my heart to see the fulfilment of His promise to come and take us to "the Father's House" increases with intensity as each day passes.

Well, this world might be a dark place, but the darker our surroundings are, the greater our joy ought to be in anticipating that bright and blessed day.  Whenever I write to folks I usually find an occasion in which I can insert a 'Perhaps Today!' phrase, but actually, in reality His coming is so close it could actually be within this next hour - it is that close! 

The question is ... are we ready?

As you can tell I am a great fan of the promised coming of our beloved Lord Jesus, (I always have been,) and I understand from Scripture there are crowns given to those who love His appearing, so when it comes to rewards in heaven, I'll have at least one crown to lay at the feet of my beloved Lord Jesus one soon day :)

A little while ago I was listening Online to a broadcast about the imminent return of our beloved Lord Jesus.  At some point in the conversation between the presenter and his guest, the lady called Jan Markell said: "This is called 'the blessed hope' for a reason, and ought to be a comfort to every believer.  And every time we see a dark headline we need to realise that this is nothing but a harbinger of His return."

So let this be a comfort to you, especially if perhaps you are battle weary and longing for the promised victory. It won't be long now, keep on keeping on, soon you will hear the call: "Arise my love, my dove, my fair one, and come away." Song of Solomon 2: 13.

I trust that the video below will be a great encouragement to you concerning this great event about to take place at any time - Perhaps sometime in 2020, or ... Perhaps Today!

 01_Jan_Happy 2020


>> Do you have any questions or comments about the the promised coming of the Lord Jesus?  I would love to hear from you - why not say hello down below!


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  1. Wayne

    Amanda, I have been anxiously awaiting this song since you said you were preparing it, and it was worth the wait! Both the blog entry and the song are a true and wonderful blessing to the weary-hearted people of God, especially me! I saw in something I read on your website that you have had a hard year; praying for the Lord's strengthening and encouragement for you. I praise the Lord that my dear wife passed into glory before all the happenings of the past year, both in the world and in the lives of some family members. The world is so filled with animosity and hate from the evil one that she would have been in despair, I fear. Again, thank you. Perhaps today!

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