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I was watching a short documentary about a young African woman from a remote village who made fine use of her education, which of course is highly prized in places like this. It is not uncommon to see children from these type of villages to travel miles on bare foot to get some basic reading and maths skills. However, this woman took her education one step further, and with funding she learnt about solar energy and how to capture it and utilise it to its maximum potential!

In short, she has brought solar powered energy to her local village, which has gradually and completely revolutionised its future and that of the people living there. Each home is being installed with a simple panel on the roof to capture just enough energy to power ... a single light bulb! Nothing fancy, just a couple of wires a switch ... and a bulb! And yet something so very simple like this is having such an impact in her village that things are happening there that have never happened before.

Now, the young ones who were once governed by the amount of daylight in which work must be done with no time for anything else, now have an hour or two after sundown in which they can read and learn. Of course, with some precious education in their system they will also have an opportunity to do something with their future and possibly bring something back to benefit their people.

What a great difference a little light can make!

Have you noticed that when you light something as small as a candle or switch on a torch, hidden things are now visible! Well, that might sound obvious but it is incredible how the most profound lessons there are to be learned are hidden right there in plain sight!

The Bible tells us that light is more powerful than the dark and the darkness simply cannot overcome the light but rather, the overcoming is the other way around. And what a relief that this is so. No matter how small the torch or flame is, it sheds light and dispels the thick and overbearing dark ... it's that simple!

The Bible also says that the world in which we live is dark, spiritually! The sad thing is, that men refuse the light that God has to give because as the Bible tells us: "they love the darkness rather than the light because their deeds are evil." John 3: 19. What a dreadful picture is drawn of the nature of mankind, but nonetheless it is true. Ask any devoted Christian seeking to make the holiness, love, and mercy of God known to those who have never seen His glorious light of truth. More often than not their message of hope is not gladly received, but mocked or even rejected!

And yet, when the Word of God is read and received, in comes His divine light to illuminate the fact that we are all in dire need. But God hasn't left us in that sorry state without a divine remedy. And it is divine because the remedy comes from the very heart of God Himself.

It would be quite impossible to remedy the problem ourselves because we were the ones that created the dilemma in the first place. It takes a merciful God to reach out to lost sinners who are estranged from Him because of sin.

It was a dark day, the day when Jesus was crucified! Although it may have been a day when the sun was shining, it was a day when it looked like the light was being extinguished. The wickedness of mankind was fully displayed there at the cross of Christ, and the devil who was behind man's rejection of Him must have thought it was his day! But in reality the Lord Jesus was there on a mission. He was there to accomplish something we in the dark could do for ourselves. 'He came to save sinners' from the eternal consequences of their sin by the sacrifice of Himself instead of ourselves.

When we realize our need for the Lord to come in with His remedy, and we accept by faith alone what 'the light of the world' accomplished on the cross, amazing things happen to our once darkened spirits.

He comes in, and where there is light there is life.

The Lord Jesus said:

"I am come that they might have life,
and that they might have it more abundantly."
John 10:10.

As the African village was in darkness and unproductive before the light came in, this is what people are like! Some are able to accomplish a measured amount of success, but overall most are locked in a state of mediocrity. But whether a person is a so called success in life or otherwise, it is of little or no value in the light of eternity.

Every precious person who has ever lived has the potential to accomplish something for eternity and no matter how small it might appear to be, because it is what God values that counts.

The precious Son of the living God said:

"I am the light of the world: he that followeth me shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life."
John 8: 12.

It is amazing what a little light can do, and wonderful things are there for the happening in the lives of all who are prepared to allow the light of His Person, and the light of His Word to come in ... No matter who, or where they are!

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