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 01_Jan_The Stage Is Set

Well, another year has gone by in a flash and here we are on the threshold of 2019. It's all spread out before us with all its joys and sorrows. All its successes and all it failures. With its good times and bad times. We have to take the bad with the good ... Such is life!

I always find the last hours of a year and the beginning of the next to be soul searching. Partying would be the very last thing on my mind at such a time as this. I don't wish to be somber but I am in a deep reflective mood at such a time as this as I look back on the past twelve months and examine what, if anything has been accomplished.

There have been loses and will never be regained, and precious things learned that will never be forgotten. Thankfully with the Lord I can say that His people never enter a New Year alone. Faithful is He who promised to always be with, and never forsake His people for whom He went to great lengths to purchase.

Just a few days ago my husband was reading something about James Lovell, former Astronaut and one of the very first visitors to the moon. He described his feelings about earth, our home as viewed from the desolate moon as he watched our beautiful blue planet rise up over the horizon. This is what he said:

"God has given us a stage ... upon which to perform, and how the play turns out is really up to us."

We are born, we live, and we die - here! Everything with which we are familiar, and all that we do, takes place - here. That which is of lasting value and that of no value at all takes place - here. Our stage is .... here! But when we leave the 'stage', where will we go?

We occupy a tiny window of time in which we play out our lives, and hopefully make an impact for good in the lives of others. As children we were subject to the influence of our parents or guardians, now we get to be the influencers!

What have we learned? What are we passing on?

It doesn't matter how long we live our lives, we have an opportunity every day to live for the benefit of someone else and ultimately for the glory and pleasure of God our loving heavenly Father.

Some folks within their very short lives have influenced and impacted more lives than perhaps others who have lived a long while. What is the secret to what would be considered a fulfilled life like this?

I know of a precious Person who lived here for only a very short period of time. The Bible tells us that:

"He was taken from prison and from judgment: and who shall declare his generation?
for he was cut off out of the land of the living: for the transgression of my people was he stricken."
Isaiah 53: 8

These words tell us that He died before one would naturally produce offspring! And yet the life of this precious Man made the greatest impact an individual has ever done before. His name is Jesus!

"But when the fulness of the time was come, God sent forth his Son ..."
Galatians 4: 4

The stage was set for Him, and when He came to earth, He came in the most unique way - via a virgin womb. All that He was and all He did was unique. His childhood was unique, His earlier years were remarkable, and leading up to the moment when He was to branch out to "seek and to save that which was lost", His life was impeccable. All of His ways, both public and private declared for all to see just what God is like - in a human body! He was, and still is worthy of everyone's complete trust and obedience. Those who chose to do so were truly blessed in their day and are still benefitting eternally with His blessing and favour.  But sadly those who foolishly refused His Lordship in their lives and are paying for their foolishness for eternity.

So He lived a life this world has never seen before because He was sinless, and He died like no one has ever died before because the sinless One was bearing our sin and the punishment we deserve instead of us bearing it ourselves. Why would He do such an astounding thing? The Bible tells us it is because of love! Love we cannot fathom or never deserve. The Love of God to people like you and me!

Thanks be unto God that the One who died on that cruel cross one day long ago arose from among the dead and lives in the power of an endless life. He is a real Man alive in heaven ... now, right NOW! That ought to get the attention of my reader.

The stage was set for Him and He played out His life in all its fullness and sweet perfection. Before the known world of that day He openly declared the Love of God in the giving of Himself. The Bible tells us that: "... This thing was not done in a corner ..." Acts 26: 26. We can read about His live today to the blessing of our own souls in the Bible.

Now it is our turn! The stage is set for us. Here is the place, and now is the time!

We have all the information and qualifications we need in order to do the wisest thing each day as we 'perform' our everyday lives. Although James Lovell was just a man at best, his words as quoted above are certainly inspiring and even challenging to me and maybe to you also.

You see, as this little excerpt from C.T. Studd's poem so eloquently puts it:

'Only one life, 'twill soon be past,
Only what's done for Christ will last.'

We find ourselves challenged to address what our lives are really amounting to, and we see that only a life lived in and for Christ is a life that really matters in the long run. God is a perfect Gentleman and will never force people into trusting, following and living for Him. He wants us to decide to do that for ourselves. Those who choose to do so will be blessed indeed.

Here we are on the threshold of a brand New Year. What better opportunity to begin a walk with God that will take us right into His very presence one soon day?

The rest of your life is spread before you - God has given to you a stage ... upon which to perform, how the play turns out is really up to you!

I pray that you will you be truly blessed in


especially if you make the wise decision to bow the knee before the Sovereign Saviour who
loved you and gave Himself for you' (See Galatians 2:20.)


And In Keeping With The Above Subject ...

Here, as promised is the song that was written and performed
at our recent Carol Service.
Created to be appreciated at any time of the year. Enjoy :)


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  1. Beatrice Culling

    Dear Amanda, I hope all is well with you and your family. You are such a blessing, we are listening to String of Pearls, it calms our hearts. Richard my lovely husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's today, shattering for us, but Richard was comforting me! We cried on each other's shoulders. Grief somehow makes a channel into our hearts for God to reach into with his love and peace, also reassurance. Listening to "Think on these things", thank you sister. Love and God bless from Bea.

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  2. Sharon

    Please pray for our precious daughter and son in love. And our family. My daughter had a miscarriage Dec23 into Christmas Eve. We are all heartbroken. And yet God is doing something miraculous in the midst of this deep grief.

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