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Well here we are, it's February, and it's that time of the year when a lot of people struggle with the blues!

Mind you, on a human level, there isn't all that much around us to cheer the heart is there? There are problems with our governments, protests, hate campaigns abounding. Tragedies occurring almost on a daily basis. And then there's life in general that seems to have lost its momentum as we slip into the second month of the year.

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Where is the joy and enthusiasm many felt when we entered into the New Year? Resolutions have perhaps been broken before the first week was over. The mundane routine has set in and that get up and go feeling seems to have got up and went!

I happen to rather love those early months in the year that everyone else struggles with. That probably sounds a bit strange, and definitely doesn't make me special in any way, it's simply because those quiet months give to me the opportunity to tie up loose ends and establish new things before time starts getting really busy.

I would love to be a 'helper of your joy'.

And I have a thought or two that may help to lift you up and set you on a path of rejoicing, renewed strength and confidence?

Did you know that if it were not for the grace of God in my life I really would be struggling not only with the February blues but with life in general? Without the living Lord Jesus in my life to give to me an eternal perspective I would find very little to make an effort for each day!

The Bible tells us that we are all just passing through, and the life we are living here is not going to last forever. However we all are in possession of something eternal, and that is our soul. We have the opportunity to invest in eternity every day of our lives and today is a very good time to start if you haven't already done so.

We have just passed the season when the coming of the Lord Jesus is remembered, but what is it about His coming that has any relevance on our lives today?

Well, everything actually!

He came for the specific purpose of saving us from the very thing that robs us of the joy God designed for us to have. He came to save us from the guilt, the power, and the consequences of our sin. And it is our sin that is separating us from the very One from whom all joy in its purest form comes.

Now, I'm not talking about happiness here. Happiness is a superficial thing that depends upon the things that happen to us in our lives. And it doesn't take too much to happen before we are feeling very unhappy.

But joy is something that goes far deeper, and does not depend upon our circumstances. Joy is something we can possess even in the midst of the most gloomy of circumstances.

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Seeing as it is that we know that joy comes from God, then it stands to reason that we must know Him intimately in order to taste the sweetness of that joy for ourselves.

God is on the lookout for sincerely repentant people who are prepared to come before Him with the heart-cry of three simple words: "Lord save me", or "Lord help me", depending on what your standing is before God.

Please take a moment or two to enjoy a few encouraging words in the slideshow below. These are a few among a multitude of encouraging words from the Bible that are intended to set you on the path to a brighter and more joyous daily walk through life.

Remember, the believer is secure for eternity, never alone, and has a whole host of heavenly resources upon which to draw daily. Now, that is a cause for rejoicing.

And if you're not a believer yet, what are you waiting for? Repent of your sin and trust in the Lord with all your heart while there is time. You will be eternally glad you did :-)







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