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"And when they were come to the place, which is called Calvary,
there they crucified him ..."
Luke 23: 33

Some years ago we had the opportunity to host the Ayrshire Exhibition of the Bible at our Gospel Hall. In fact we had that privilege on three occasions over the duration of six years. We saw much blessing during these special events and have lots of lovely memories to keep and treasure.

Each time they came they stayed for two weeks which allowed us to invite parties of School children to come for guided tours around this extensive display of Bible History, interesting facts and intriguing accounts, all with the aim of introducing each soul to the Lord Jesus Christ, God's answer to the greatest need of mankind.

After the sessions for Schools were ended the exhibition was open to the public where many interesting conversations were had with all sorts of people from many persuasions.

One Saturday morning a certain gentleman came in and viewed the exhibition with great interest. One of our friends offered to him some refreshment and opened up a conversation  and the gentleman introduced himself to our friend as a 'time traveller'!

I'm not altogether sure what type of conversation they both had; for my memory fails me but I do remember asking our friend after he recalled this account if he asked the 'time traveller' the words of the spiritual song that asks:

 Where you there when they crucified my Lord?

We smiled together at the thought of it and the supposed foolishness of such a claim to be a time traveller. As if he was like the fictitious character Dr Who!


But when we read of the account of the crucifixion of our beloved Lord Jesus I think that we can safely say that we WERE there at that shocking scene! But how could this be seeing as we live in the twenty first century and the Lord was crucified over two thousand years ago?

Let us take a look at who was there at the time.

  • There were some high ranking religious people there.
  • There were unbelievers and atheists there as well.
  • People from other nations were there.
  • There were military men there and others from differing trades.
  • Men and women were there as well as the young and the old.
  • The wealthy and the poor folks were there.
  • The strong and the weak, the healthy and the infirmed were there.
  • The brave and the fearful were there.
  • His mother and siblings were there.
  • Some of His disciples were there.

The list of people who were there is diverse, and if it was possible for us to become 'time travellers' and have the ability to observe without being seen, I believe we would find somebody in that great crowd that is just like you, and just like me! There were certainly people in that great throng representing the likes of you and me back then.

Of course we were not really there when our dear Lord was crucified outside the city walls of Jerusalem but we might as well have been! He, who is God manifest in the flesh knows no time and when He was suffering in the sinner's place, He saw you and He saw me ... there! Before we were touched by God's extravagant display of love we were represented by one of the scoffers who witnessed this momentous event that altered the course of history forever!

The question is: How does that display of undeserved love effect you?

Does the cold indifference remain there still? Does it touch your heart and bring you to repentance?

The fact remains is - He was there. He really suffered, He really bled, and He really died to save poor sinners like you and like me.

May our hearts overflow in adoring love and praise for such a One as this

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