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ebenezer 2013

Well now, here we are at the end of another year and just about to start another one.

It's been a very special one for Rest a While. It has had a total makeover, which is perhaps a little more user friendly. Daily Light is now in a new format which is printer friendly for those who may wish to print out each day's readings as they come. Many have joined on Rest a While's Facebook page and I trust that the thoughts that are delivered there each day have been a help and encouragement to one and all. Why not check it out and join in as well? :-)

Perhaps in this year past you took that step of faith and trusted in the lovely Lord Jesus. Perhaps you returned to Him after wandering away for a while. Perhaps you are one of those who are following the Lord closely and can testify of His goodness in your life personally.

Whatever has been your path - here you are today and we can all be very thankful that we are here for a purpose. May you find all your joy and delight in acknowledging the Lord in all your ways and look to Him and Him alone for the days that lie ahead, whatever they have in store for each of us.

Through Rest a While and it's social extensions I intend to reach out to many more people in 2015 in some surprising ways :-) You'll have to wait and see what's in store :-)

If you have enjoyed the content in this website, could I perhaps ask you to recommend it to your loved ones so that others can come into the benefit of the lovely and encouraging things we can find in the Bible. And a special 'thank you' to those who already have and to those who have either left messages in our Guest Book or sent private messages. Thank you so much for all your encouragement :-)

I trust that you will know the blessing of the Lord in your lives in this coming year and that you will be encouraged with the promise of the coming of our beloved Lord Jesus. With that in mind you may govern your life accordingly for this glorious event could be PERHAPS TODAY!

Thank you all with love and every blessing


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