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christmas 2014

It's that time of the year again! Where has the time gone?

It has been a year of unusual thought provoking events culminating in the words of my song/poem for Christmas this year. Now that our Carol service is over and carols have been enjoyed together, a lovely message was delivered and I did my usual solo bit, I can now share a few thoughts with you.

Deep down in the hearts of individual people there is an underlying question about what this life is all about. They're searching. Everyone of them are searching, but many don't realise that that's what they're doing. The terrible things we have witnessed in the news headlines this year are frightening to say the least. I wonder how many people are running to the living God for answers, refuge and for peace! Some are filling their time with the attractions and distractions of social media. Others with music, fitness, or the pursuit of money etc in an attempt to fill the void in their lives, or dampen the need for the answers to questions they are afraid to ask! Don't they realise that the One they really need is just a heart cry away?

I wonder why it is that unsaved folks feel that God is going to do them out of something they need or love when He actually has an infinite amount of riches to bestow upon those who will bow the knee. Yes, it is true that He will make demands of those who trust Him but He is worth all of this and so much more isn't He? He took away the old life we held on to so tightly and gave to us 'all things new.' (2 Corinthians 5: 17.) There can be no comparison to what He gave to us freely; for the Bible described the old life as 'dead', and everything it produced as vile and unfulfilling! But bless God for the promise that proclaims to us that 'he who has the Son has life, and he who has not the Son has not life'. (1 John 5: 12.) It's that plain and simple. I believe our Lord is telling us that 'he who has the Son has everything'. Rather like the psalmist who says: "the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want." (Psalm 23) And because He is my Shepherd, I have everything I need! Those who are looking for answers will be joyfully surprised to find that the One who they were looking for was 'there all the time!' Just as He was there for us when we first trusted in Him and has been ever since that glad day when we were 'born of God'.

It is all too easy to become distracted with the busyness of the season and forget all about what happened over two thousand years ago when God sent His precious Son into a world that had no room for Him. With family and friends around us we can too easily forget the friend and lover of our souls. Or perhaps those of us who are alone, we can easily forget that He left the adoration of heavenly beings to come and walk a lonely path and die a lonely death so that we might never be all alone. He who is everything to those who trust in Him can be everything to you also. Remember He who dwells in the very presence of Almighty God is only a fraction of a moment away from those who call unto Him with a sincere heart.

Why not call upon Him today and make this the very best and most precious Christmas you have ever had?

There All the Time

Moment by moment, when days turn to years.
Through changing seasons, through laughter and tears.
Out of the sweet celebrations we find -
There stands unchanging a Man true and kind.

Chorus -
God sent a promise in Jesus,
Proving His love there on Calvary's tree.
Only a heart cry, a prayer that's sincere,
This is the call that the Father will hear;
He who was there all the time!

Day after day in the passing of time
After the searching for reason, for rhyme
Out of the darkness there shines a great light -
God, with the answers brings hope in the night.


Year after year He's been calling to you,
Search, and you'll find Him, the promise is true;
Out of His infinite riches and grace,
He will bring promise and joy to your days.


Out of the heavens and into your life
He who was there all the time!


 A recording has been made of this song and is in the process of being edited.
This will be soon available for listening :-)

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