Read On

Oh why is it the days do come and go, your Christian life unfruitful seems to be?
Perhaps it’s lost it’s meaning, and you know you can’t relive the days that now have gone.
A blessed hope remains for you today; the Lord who loved you then still loves you now.
You seemed to lose the vision on the way. Then weary hearted Christian, do read on.

Oh traveller through a lifetime have you found your life remains to be unsatisfied?
Somehow your own dear heart seems to be bound with fetters of your making, oh so strong.
A happy message lies for you within the Bible. There is something there for you.
The Answer for your problem lies therein. Oh weary hearted sinner do read on.

A Word for saint and sinner any age. For lonely and uncertain and confused;
Reach for your Bible, open up the page, you’ll read of folks like you who’ve now passed on.
The words are living, giving as you read: assurance that you’re never left alone.
The Lord, in perfect caring knows your need. So weary one like me, read on, read on.