Not I, 'Tis Him

I’m clothed in righteousness that’s not my own, not made with hands.
Righteous before my Lord - my sin unknown, because His hands
Are scarred from suffering long upon a tree; for there he died.
And there His Precious blood was shed for me, in Him I hide.

All that I am amounts to nought - He’s all my plea.
And if there be a good thing in me wrought, it’s Him not me.
If there be any beauty to behold, it comes from Him
Because there was a time my heart was cold and full of sin.

From there He drew me out to follow Him, and by his grace
I’m ravished by his love for me within. To see his face
Would cause my heart to overflow ‘cause then I will be free -
To love Him with a perfect love there when His face I’ll see!

If now I see the Lord with open face as in a glass
Thus to reflect His beauty by his grace, my will must pass.
If here I walk this earth below in time - β€œHe must Increase!”
So that His beauties from my life would shine - β€œI must decrease!”

I don’t deserve the riches of his grace that on me fall.
I am worthy of this heavenly place, He did it all.
Oh! That myself, my all He would inspire to like Him be,
Because by Him I’m loved and 'His desire is toward me.'