No Longer the Dogs

Listen! The Lord is now speaking, picture the scene in your mind:
A beggar with sores that were weeping was laid at the gate, there to find
That dogs were his only companions,they mockingly lapped at his sores.
While the wealthy man lived in his mansion, and costliest clothing he wore.

The wealthy man wanted for nothing, whose riches increased every day,
But truly he lacked understanding; ‘Cause soon he would have to give way -
To the call that respecteth no person: death calls on the rich and the poor.
And moment by moment would worsen, remembering his life lived before.

The beggar who lived for a morsel ff bread from the table which fell,
Was laid there in squalor so awful, and now the rich man was in hell.
Remembering when he had the power to meet the poor beggar’s great need.
Oh, he had neglected the hour, And traded his soul for his greed.

The poor man was dying,The Lord tells - And soon he was carried away.
No longer the dogs but the angels did tend to the beggar that day.
He didn’t have trouble in learning to humble himself was a must.
Sometime in his earthly sojourning in God he had put all his trust.