Neverthelsss ... God!

Down through the ages since time did first begin - the human race
Has had its trials without and fears within, because this place
Is marred by sin and suffering day by day, but oh his own,
His own dear ones can confidently say - they’re not alone.

The saved, the lost, contented and the vain, the great and small;
God sends His sunshine and He sends His rain upon us all.
But we who walk with God do surely know He’s always there.
And the blessed assurance as we go, we're in His care.

On every side there’s trouble but we cheer - the way is straight.
Perplexed are we but never in despair - on Him we wait.
When baring His reproach, He’s by our side, what strength this gives.
We often are cast down but not destroyed, because He lives.

We’re not exempt from suffering that is true, ‘Nevertheless -
God’ gives to us a reason to go through. We must confess.
When those we thought would stay did leave instead, He’s always near
Through each temptation and each trial were led, we need not fear.

If for “ little while” we hurt within, we’ll bravely take
Our Friend that sticketh closer than our kin, will n’er forsake.
What hope, what wondrous hope, from gloom to raise the soul to cheer.
The trying of our faith will bring us praise when glory’s near.