Just a Crumb

At His feet she took her place, a burden on her heart had she;
And hoped that He would hear her case: her child would need His care!
She knew she had no rite at all to ask of Him this special thing.
None else, upon whom she could call, none else for her out there!

Of all the people there that day, why should He spare time for her -
When others had the rite of way? She knew her place was last.
While worthy ones could have their bread, she'd wait for just a crumb to fall.
She knew that crumb would give instead more than she'd ever asked.

I see myself there at His feet; so great my need, so small my faith.
My care I know His grace would meet; without it I would sink!
Less than a dog, so undeserved, but crumbs of mercy fall my way.
In smallest blessings I am served more than I ask or think!