If He Were In My Place

At the ending of the day reflecting on the time gone by,
If I could live a different way I should have slowed my pace.
All the day I busied through, I know I let Him down so much.
I wandered what my Lord would do, If He were in my place.

For if He answered when I spoke, His tender words would still the mood,
But when the moment did provoke, my harshness caused much pain.
I pray the hurt, it will not last. With sadness and regret I feel
That now this day is almost past, it can’t be lived again.

The wrong decisions that I made, I can’t go back once more and choose.
The many small complaints I said when nothing went my way.
The look on His dear face would tell: If only I leaned hard on Him,
The One who has done all things well, I’d not have gone astray.

I wonder then why I’m left here, when I can’t seem to get it right.
Oh wouldn’t it be easier to take me far away?
It seems to me, time after time I’ve disappointed Him so much.
I cannot trust these ways of mine! But then I hear Him say ....

“Beloved, for whom I’ve given all, why is it thou art so downcast?
Be still and let thy mind recall my Word I gave to you.
Oh cast aside your earthly care and let your heart rejoice once more.
Though your eyes can’t see Me here, I’m always here with you”.

And so with fresh new courage take, and on the morrow if He wills,
From the moment I awake, I’ll look into his face.
And give Him space to live through me as if I wasn’t there at all.
And through my living folks may see - that He is in my place.