I Saw the Sun

Midst early morning slumber a “still small voice” woke me,
To rise up from my bed of rest and go and meet with He,
A lesson was unfolding unknown to me as yet,
My Lord was teaching something I never would forget.

While others still lay sleeping, out in my garden sweet
The sun did shine with splendour where He and I did meet,
Nought but the sound of birdsong and beauty to be seen
As shafting rays of sunlight showed many shades of green.

So honoured to be seated ‘midst God’s creation fair,
Nought to spoil the silence when He and I met there.
But while I was there reading the clouds did climb the sky,
And when I rose to meet the day - I saw and wondered why!

One by One my loved ones in turn they greeted me
And gazing out the window to see what they could see
The sunshine had all gone now, that scene so beautiful,
All, they saw was greyness “Another day so dull . . . .
We haven’t seen the sunshine for many days it seems”
But while they slept, I saw the sun, while they were in their dreams!

Again that voice was speaking and to my heart did say:
“Can you understand the lesson I am teaching you today?
That early in the morning, when there is not a sound,
I met you in the quiet place, ‘tis there that I was found;
There’s beauty in the morning, if they had eyes to see,
If they would only rise themselves to spend an hour with Me.”

They would have seen the sunshine, unhindered, shining clear,
But sleep seemed so important, and now the clouds are here!

I cannot do without Him, my dear and gracious Lord,
And so I’ll rise up early to feed upon His Word,
The memory of our sharing as I go on my way
Will guide and cheer my pathway as the sun did on that day!