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"Satisfy the longing soul,
and fill the hungry soul with goodness."
Psalm 107: 9

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'Amanda's Corner' at YouTube was re-launched at the end of April last year with a small collection of videos for you to view at leisure.

As a Gospel singer and song writer this gives to me an excellent opportunity to share the wonderful good news Gospel message and a word of encouragement to one and all through hymns and spiritual songs.  Oh, and the occasional inspirational thought scattered here and there.
Here's a little introduction to give you a small taster as to what you might find there.  Please feel welcome to take a look :)

lives in the heart
of the one who is at home
at the feet of Jesus

The Blessed Hope and Promise
from the Saviour.
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Morning & Evening themed quotations from the Bible

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"The Enduring Cross"
In the charred remains of Notre Dame stood the large golden cross, as if untouched by the fury of the flame
which destroyed so much in its path.

"I Believe In You"
It is possible that Mary of Bethany
was among the very few that really understood just what the Lord Jesus
had actually come to do?

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