Five Little Words

John the Baptist had a unique role to play in the events of history. His was a ministry that was prophesied long ago.

Out there in the wilderness people came to hear this preacher. He didn’t mince his words but addressed his audience according to their often hypocritical ways. The preacher of righteousness wasn’t afraid to address even Herod the King about the matter of adultery, eventually ending up being imprisoned. He was always drawing attention to the One we know today was by far greater than he was. While the Baptizer called himself “A voice”, he described of the Lord Jesus as “The word”!

It is recorded that: “as John seeth Jesus coming unto him, he saith; behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.” John 1: 29. What he was doing was drawing attention to the wonderful work of the Lord Jesus. And what a work it was indeed! The work He accomplished at the cross completely satisfied God who is holy and righteous, against the claims of sin and all its devastation, and reaching a lost and sinful people with salvation. How did He do this? Was it not when: “He who knew no sin was made sin for us”? (See 2 Corinthians 5: 21)

“Behold the Lamb of God”

Just five little words but what a message of hope, peace and joy they contain?


The next day John spoke to a couple of his own disciples as he watched Jesus walking and said: “Behold the Lamb of God”. This time he was drawing his attention to the walk of the Lord Jesus. And what a lovely walk is was indeed! His walk on earth began when He chose to step out of eternity, into time and became a helpless and dependent little baby. Then as He grew up He lived in almost total obscurity in lowly circumstances, until His public ministry began.

He was known as the Carpenter’s son and learned His trade well. There wouldn’t have been any shoddy work done by Him. All the business accounts would have been straight and all the bills would have been paid on time. All the finances would have been acquired honestly and only after a good and honest day’s work.

Being the oldest child in the family He would have behaved with love and respect His parents and siblings. What a model child He must have been!

As He comes into the public scene we view His wonderful journey through His very short life with awe.

As He walked through each day from its beginning to its end we know from the precious Word of God that He conducted Himself with complete control, even in the most trying of circumstances. He was never sidetracked and distracted from His mission. He was not diverted either by an inflated ego when things appeared to be going well or by discouraged when the tide was against Him.

He always treated women with respect, (no matter what her former background was.) He handled little children with tenderness, (no matter who they belonged to.) Everyone was made to feel valued, (no matter what their status was.)

His walk brought Him to the lives of the sick and sorrowing bringing to them complete healing and restoration. He brought to them joy and peace in all its fullness and perfection. His walk brought Him to all kinds of people; young and old, rich and poor, healthy and sick, Jews and Gentiles. His walk eventually took Him all the way to the cross where He would walk no more. And even there, His very deportment spoke to the soul of another who was dying with Him.

As He walked through the days of His short life, His words were never wasted; every one of them ministered grace unto the hearers, whoever they were. His words were powerful, stirring up and causing a threat to the religious rulers of that day, and yet His words were able to control a troubled and angry tossed sea to be perfectly calm! And the words He spoke while there on the cross must have had a profound effect upon all those who were near enough to hear.

Oh what a walk was His; never was there a life lived like His life. The world has never seen such a Man and never will again. He came with a purpose, and fulfilled it. He demonstrated every moment of every day clearly for all to see exactly what God is like.

John the Baptist summed it all up in just five little words: “Behold the lamb of God”, and all who truly behold Him will find a never ending display of wonderment and glory.

The Apostle Paul said when he was addressing Christians:

“I would rather speak five words with my understanding,
that by my voice I might teach others also...”
1 Corinthians 14:19.

Truly there is a lot to be said in such a few words, don’t you think?