Daily Light Story

Daily Light is not a Bible even though it contains Bible verses ...

Daily Light is an all time beloved devotional treasured by families and individuals for decades, even centuries. It consists of devotional readings for both mornings and evenings based on the King James Version of the Bible.

Samuel Bagster was born in 1771 to godly parents who established him in the precepts and practice of devout Christian life, which kept and sustained him throughout his seventy-two years of life. Samuel and his wife Eunice were married in 1792 and raised a large family of twelve. They carried on the beloved tradition of family Bible devotions, which became a godly heritage for each of his offspring.

The original edition of Daily Light was prepared by Jonathan Bagster and other members of the family. They had a well of spiritual wealth from which to draw and compiled this devotional for the benefit of other believers.

The practice of corporate daily worship had always been followed in the family and it was Jonathan who chose a verse from the Scripture, after which all the members of the family would then prayerfully and carefully search for relative and corresponding verses to illustrate the verse chosen for that day. The resulting Scripture quotations were then gathered together, and prayerfully considered, discussed and arranged, after which the manuscript was then laid aside for prayer, waiting on the Lord to see if there was any need for further improvement.

Sometimes a day's devotion was compiled in a day and at other times, several weeks passed by before the family felt comfortable with another particular day's devotion. When all involved were happy and comfortable with a particular entry, then the page was sent off to be prepared for printing. Later it would be read, re-read and all the references would be checked, then that page would be ready. On and on they continued each and every day for two years, compiling, correcting and improving until the whole book was ready to be published. It was published in two volumes, one for the Morning reading and the other for Evening readings.

Nowadays of course “Daily Light” is published as one volume of both Morning and Even readings. Each reading has its own theme and includes specifically chosen verses that complement that one another supporting a train of thought upon which you can meditate and apply to your life. There are times when you will find that a later verse of a particular chapter will come before an earlier verse of the same chapter. The verses have been purposely arranged in this manner in order to develop the progression of thought and the themes that the Bagster family wanted to emphasise to future readers.

Daily Light is not a Bible even though it contains Bible verses, and is not therefore considered to be an alternative to regular daily readings of the Scriptures, however it does concentrate on warming the heart, encourage family worship, and stimulate the mind and heart to consider the person of God the Father and His beloved Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

It concentrates on warming the heart, encouraging family worship,
and stimulating the mind and heart
to consider the person of God the Father and His beloved Son the Lord Jesus Christ.