As Ointment Poured Forth

The Name that brings sweetness into the weary soul.
A fragrance pure and holy delights the longing heart.
His Lovely Name has power to make the sinner whole.
Into the emptied vessel, His fullness doth impart.

His Name, the Answer to every need is met.
The Precious name of Jesus gives rest that nought can stir.
The soul finds sweet repose, when humble knee is bent.
His Name unto The Father, like sweetest smelling myrrh.

His Name discloses beauty like the fragrance of a rose
Unto the passing stranger its presence gives away.
One can’t think ought but sweetness, adoring thoughts compose,
For the joy of coming near Him and in his Name to pray.

The longing soul rejoices In Him, in all His worth.
The beauty of his person, unfolding like a flower.
The Precious Name of Jesus ‘As Ointment PourĂ©d Forth’
Fills the heart with sweetness, with every passing hour.