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is my strength and my shield;

my heart trusted in him,
and I am helped:

my heart greatly rejoiceth;

and with my song
will I praise him."

Psalm 28: 7

In 2005 I had the great honour and privilege of producing an album of Gospel Hymns and songs, called "A String of Pearls," which was the result of a giant step of faith. After years of waiting, wondering, fearing and doubting, the way was opened up so that I might do this very special thing.

Since that time "A Whisper in the Wind" has been created and there is the potential for others if the way opens up to create more.

Without the gracious help and provision of the Lord Himself it would not have been possible for me to have done this.  He has been the gracious provider of everything that was needed to make these projects a reality that have been blessing people all over the world.

If you would like to read the story so far you will find it here ...
Both of these albums are available from Rest a While's Mini Store and more information is found by using the links at the top of this page on the left.


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